Individual Counselling

Students can meet up with a counsellor by arranging an appointment or using the drop-in facility.


Counselling is available throughout the year at City campus during normal office hours; in addition early evening appointments are available on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Counselling is also available at the Walsall campus on Tuesdays and Fridays during term time.

All appointments are made by calling our administrator on 01902 322572.

Students who find it difficult to use the phone can use our email address to make an appointment:

Students who are deaf or hard of hearing can arrange for an interpreter to come along with them, or, some students successfully use our 'two screen and two keyboard' facility, in which you and your counsellor sit at a desk and converse with each other via written word.



Drop-in is available on all campuses during term-time, no appointment necessary. Find out more about the drop-in service

More about individual counselling

One session may be all you need while some students may want to see a counsellor over a longer period of time and are usually offered up to six sessions. This is something you can work out with your counsellor when you meet.

It is quite usual to feel a bit nervous or anxious about meeting your counsellor for the first time, but you needn’t worry as the counsellor will help towards putting you at your ease.

During the first session you are given the opportunity to discuss whether counselling is right for you and what might be the way forward.

Appointments will last approximately 50 minutes and you usually meet with the same counsellor each week.

We ask all students to register with us when you come for the first time.

We do keep some records to help us remember what was presented to us by our clients and some statistical and factual information is stored on our database anonymously.

Further details about our record keeping can be found on our website, see Confidentiality and Recordkeeping or obtained from the University Counselling Service. Your counsellor will also explain further if you have any questions.