Self help leaflets from the University Counselling Service

In this section we have addressed some of the issues students face, whether they are study-related or to do with personal or emotional difficulties. You might like to find out more for yourself from these but if you are unsure or want to talk to one of us please do get in touch.

All files are in PDF format and open in a new window.

Common student concerns


Addictions (PDF)

Anxiety and Panic Attacks (PDF)

Becoming Assertive (PDF)

Bereavement and Loss (PDF)

Combating Anger (PDF)

Coming to the end of your studies (PDF)

Dealing with Depression (PDF)

Delivering Presentations (PDF)

Feeling Suicidal (PDF)

Help with different types of abuse (PDF)

Loneliness and Isolation (PDF)

Managing Stress (PDF)

Managing your time (PDF)

Mindfulness (PDF)

Self Harm (PDF)

Staying positive, keeping well (PDF)

Successful House Sharing (PDF)

Thinking about eating problems (PDF)

Trauma leaflet (PDF)

What are sexuality and gender identity? (PDF)

What Stops Men Seeking Help? (PDF)


University life