Helping yourself on a daily basis


Pay attention to your physical needs - find a way to get some exercise and eat properly.

Get outside – blues skies can lead to blue-sky thinking, but any fresh air is a good idea!

Interact or have contact with someone else - even a brief chat can lift your spirits. Make time for friends and family, people in general.

Learn or try something new - open yourself up to new experiences.

Try to get into some sort of routine, as structure can help. This can include regular bed times!

Through planning - try to get some balance between work and play.

Include treats - these don’t have to be chocolate or sweets. They could be some leisure activity, a soak in the bath, or going for a walk.

Avoid too much of anything, especially alcohol or drugs. Alcohol is a depressant drug. Even a small amount of alcohol before bed stops us getting enough deep sleep.

Plan something to look forward to.

Try to keep your sense of humour. Allow yourself to see the funny side in misunderstandings and embarrassments. Laughter heals!

Consider keeping a diary - writing can be helpful when coping with new experiences.

Challenge negative thinking and try to think positively - consider how much your lifestyle affects your moods.

Increase how much you value yourself (your self-esteem). A high self-esteem helps us get through our difficulties. A low sense of self-esteem can mean we feel helpless, powerless, angry and even depressed.

If you stop being able to do normal social and academic things, seek help. Don't wait until the problems have grown impossibly large!