Managing exam and deadline stress

Tips on how to manage stress during exam time and deadlines.

Set yourself small and achievable goals – by breaking down large and overwhelming pieces of work into smaller tasks.

Use a planner or calendar establish what you need to achieve, set your deadlines and work through them.

Set realistic goals – remember to do your best rather than trying to be perfect.

Take time out for yourself - leave time in your schedule to see friends, get some exercise, have a treat etc. It all helps to keep the energy going.

Challenge your negative thinking – be aware of when you use words such as ‘must’ ‘should’ and ‘ought’ and be kinder to yourself.

Talk it out – if you get stuck, talk it out with friends, family or a member of staff as they may well be able to help.

Try eating more healthily & sleeping more regularly – healthy and routine patterns will help your body deal with the stress better.

If necessary learn some anxiety management or relaxation techniques  have a go at our relaxation exercise.

‘If you feel that your stress is turning into panic, and relaxing is not working, a method such as the ‘Stop Technique’ may offer an immediate and helpful response.

If you need to get further support with exam/deadline stress, come to the University Counselling Service. Appointments or drop-ins are available, call 01902 322572.