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University of Wolverhampton Swim Academy

The University are delighted to bring you the University of Wolverhampton Swim Academy, an innovative partnership between the University of Wolverhampton and Swimming Teacher's Association (STA) which will have many exciting benefits for our current and prospective pupils and their families.

Saturday Lessons

First WeekAssesment WeekPayment WeekFinal Payment & Fun Week
14th October 2017 2nd December 2017 9th December 2017 16th December 2017


Dates 14/10/17 21/10/17 28/10/17 4/11/17 11/11/17 18/11/17 25/11/17 2/12/17 9/12/17 16/12/17

 Lessons are £40 for this block of ten. 

Monday Lessons

First WeekAssesment WeekPayment WeekFinal Payment & Fun Week
16th October 2017 4th December 2017 11th December 2017 18th December 2017


Dates 16/10/17 23/10/17 30/10/17 6/11/17 13/11/17 20/11/17 27/11/17 4/12/17 11/11/17 18/11/17

 Lessons are £40 for this block of ten. 

To gather more information please contact sportenquiries@wlv.ac.uk or call 01902 518900

Saturday Lessons

TimeShallow EndMiddleDeep End
9.30 - 10am Stanley 3+ Octopus 2 Goldfish 1+
10 - 10.30am Octopus 1 Octopus 3 Goldfish 2
10.30 - 11am Octopus 1 Octopus 3 Goldfish 3
11 - 11.30am Octopus 2 Goldfish 1 Angelfish 1
11.30 - 12 noon Shark Angelfish 2 + 3 Bronze, Silver, Gold 


Monday Lessons

TimeShallow EndMiddle
4 - 4.30pm Stanley Octopus 2 + 3
4.30 - 5pm Stanley Octopus 1
5-5.30pm Stanley Octopus 2 




Current students can be enrolled one week before new students are accepted, any current students who do not enrol for the next block on their given enrolment date may lose their place to a new student. After the new student enrollment date has passed places are allocated on a first come first serve basis.

For parents wanting information or to enrol new students in the Swimming Academy please contact (Swimming lesson Co-ordinator) on sportenquiries@wlv.ac.uk or 01902 518900


‌Why Choose the University of Wolverhampton Children's Swim Academy?


High Quality Tuition

The University of Wolverhampton is proud to provide swimming tuition of the highest quality. The University of Wolverhampton has implemented the International Learn to Swim Programme (ILSP) drawing on the STA’s wealth of experience to provide exemplary standards of swimming tuition.

The Swim Academy ensures maximum progression for your child by providing 50 weeks of teaching per year, as well as the opportunity to further develop skills in one to one swimming lessons and an exciting array of additional aquatic courses such as lifesaving and synchronised swimming.

Success Tracker

As part of the academy each child receives a colourful 16 page success tracker completely free of charge. The success tracker gives parents and children the opportunity to record progress through the many exciting awards children will receive whilst on their aquatic journey. The tracker provides a fantastic a keepsake for years to come.

Increased Motivation

The Academy is a highly structured progressive programme, with a range of exciting, colourful awards and stickers, they help to celebrate your child’s success as they take the next step to becoming a safe and proficient swimmer. Certificates will be available at reception one week after assessments ready for children collect.

Learning Resources and Lesson Plans

There is a wealth of material available to download from http://www.sta.co.uk/ so parents are able to find out exactly what their child will be doing in their lessons, and the skills they need to master to achieve their next award.

Free Swimming

Each child registered at the Academy can swim free of charge in public swimming sessions, this allows children to practise their skills in between lessons and show their family and friends just how much they have learned at the Swim Academy.