Tom Page - My Postgraduate Story

MRes Sport
First Team Sports Scientist, Birmingham City FC‌Tom at work

I chose to study this course because I wanted to continue to enhance my academic and research skills in order to enhance my work as an applied sports science practitioner. I was also impressed by the scope of the course and how it allowed a high degree of flexibility in terms of the direction of my research. This allowed me to focus on areas that were of interest to me and would help to enhance the work I was doing with professional athletes in the field.

I feel that through completing the course I have gained vital skills that have aided the way in which I work. I have increased my knowledge of a number of different research methods and have also vastly improved in the areas of critical thinking and reflective practice, areas which are crucial in my field of employment.

I found studying at the University a highly rewarding experience and would strongly recommend this course to anyone looking to further develop their academic qualifications, research skills and ongoing professional development. I found the staff to be extremely helpful and supportive throughout my time at the University and felt that they really placed an emphasis on the student and making the experience as positive as possible.

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