Emaan Syed - My Postgraduate Story

MA Public Health
Director, Health and Wellbeing Campaigns Limited‌


‌I came to the University of Wolverhampton as a mature student. The course was well-structured with an informed course plan and deadlines at the outset. The modules were well spaced and, though the course was very intense, there was a lot of support available from the lecturers.ressions of the Un‌iversity of Wolverhampton were very positive. I attended an induction before the course commenced where we had an opportunity to meet the lecturers and have a look around the University. I was impressed with the facilities which were modern, but user-friendly and comfortable.

The most important thing for me whilst at the University was the support I was offered when I became ill during my studies. Since completing my Master’s in Public Health, I have started my own health consultancy and progressed to a part-time PHD course.

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