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Benefits of postgraduate qualifications

For most students at the University of Wolverhampton the main motivation for becoming a postgraduate is career focussed. Whether you are looking for a promotion, a new job, or a change of direction, the right postgraduate qualification can open the door to new opportunities.

Improved salary

‌While no qualification can guarantee a higher salary, research by the Sutton Trust in 2013 calculated that on average postgraduates earn an additional £5,500 per year than those without a postgraduate qualification. When choosing a qualification consider the current and future prospects for jobs in your industry and research the kind of salaries offered.

Improved employment prospects

A postgraduate qualification could help you to enter a profession with high rates of employment. For example, employment rates for a person with a PGCE are 98% and for those with a PhD it is 94%*. Many of our postgraduates have also used the knowledge and skills gained to start their own business with the support of the University.

Career progression

In many industries such as law, teaching, human resources, marketing and engineering a postgraduate qualification ca‌‌n be essential for career progression. Many of the University of Wolverhampton's postgraduate courses are certified by professional bodies in specific industries. Employers in any industry are more likely to reward those who have demonstrated commitment to become ‌experts in their field.

Differentiating yourself

The percentage of people with an undergraduate degree in the UK has now reached 25%. This means that there is now a great deal of competition in the job market amongst graduates. Postgraduate qualifications are held by only 11% of the population, giving you an edge that is recognised by employers.

* Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education (DLHE) survey 2015.

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