Your University ID card

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students

Once you have uploaded your photoenrolled online and had your identity checked your University ID card will be posted to your term-time address. 

Please carry this card with you on campus at all times (you may be asked to show it to security or other University staff).

Your ID Card will give you access to campus buildings, Learning Centre services and intercampus buses, as well as printing and photocopying facilities.

Research Students

The University of Wolverhampton recognises the importance of its Research Students' needs and requirements and have introduced a new Research Students' ID card.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a charge for the ID card?

No - your initial card is free of charge, but you’ll be charged £10 for a replacement if you lose or deface it.

When can I upload my photo?

You can upload your photo as soon as your receive an offer from the University. You’ll need your date of birth and your student number, (eg 1076543) to complete the process.

Where can I upload a photo from?

You can upload a photo from any computer or device with Internet access, either on campus or away from the University.

Can I use a photo from my phone?

Yes, you can upload a photo from your phone, so long at it complies with the criteria listed on the photo upload page.

What if I haven't got a digital photo?

Webcams are available in Student Centres, Learning Centres, some IT Labs and the Students' Union, so you can take one and then upload it.

Please ask a member of staff if you want to use a webcam, and they'll be able to help you with the upload if necessary.

What happens if I supply a photo that doesn’t meet the criteria?

It will be considered as ‘defacing’ the card and you will be charged for a replacement.

I am fully enrolled and have had my identity checked but my card hasn't arrived - what do I do?

You should receive your card within a few days of completing enrolment, but if it has not arrived within 7 days, please go to the Learning Centre.

How do I get a replacement card?

Learning Centres have facilities to replace your card if necessary. There is a £10 charge for replacement cards.