What is an mTicket and how does it work?

The mTickets app allows you to buy and load bus tickets on your phone.

You then just show the mTicket on the phone to the driver and he will accept it just like any other ticket. It replaces the paper ticket as no ticket will be issued by the driver, although mTickets will be checked for validity.

After you have registered your account with National Express using your university email address (ending in @wlv.ac.uk) you can choose what kind of "ticket" would be best for you.

Once you have decided to buy a mTicket and clicked buy and confirmed te purchase, it will go into your mTicket wallet on your app until you want to travel at which point you 'activate' it.

The details of how long it is valid for will appear on the mTicket on the phone.

When the mTicket expires it will automatically go into the 'Expired' area of the wallet but cannot be used again like an active mTicket.

mTicket choices


PLEASE NOTE: Please ensure you can download and use the app BEFORE purchasing any products (it may not be compatible with windows phones):



How do I use my Swift Card?

Simply place your smartcard on the red scanner at the front of the bus on each bus you board and wait for the green light to appear. 


  • You will not be issued with a paper ticket so the smartcard should be placed on the scanner every time you board the bus. 
  • One daysaver will be deducted each day on the day you use the bus. 
  • You can see how many daysavers you have left on your e-Daysaver card by looking at the screen on the smartcard scanner.

Pay As You Go

  • Place your card on the reader and leave it there whilst you tell the driver which pass you wish to buy using your card.
  • The driver will then print you a ticket and you can remove your card from the reader.
  • The balance on your card will be shown on the screen on the smartcard scanner and also printed onto your bus ticket.

Please keep the Swift smartcard separate from any contactless bank cards or other smartcards you may have when placing it on the scanner.  Please do not bend the smartcard.

Swift Card Collectors


National Express now provide self-service tablets for customer usage in their new Travelshop in Birmingham to make it even easier to collect your purchases, check your balance or receive help from our team.

National Express West Midlands, 95 Corporation Street, Birmingham, B2 4UG

(Opening times: 8.30am - 5.30pm Monday to Friday excluding bank holidays and 9.00am to 5.00pm Saturdays)

Swift Card Options