Students on the bus

Student Travel Fund

We're proud to confirm our £250 travel fund helping eligible new UK full-time undergraduate entrants* with the costs of travel will continue for a third year!

We recognise travel is an essential expenditure, so to help you get the most out of your studies, the fund now covers bus travel and the Metro Tram within the West Midlands Network region.  

You do not need to apply separately for this travel fund. During enrolment, if eligible, you'll be asked to choose from:

  • £250 travel fund - to use on buses and trams within the West Midlands Network,
  • Accommodation cost reduction - £250 off University-managed accommodation, or
  • Donation to the Dennis Turner Opportunity Fund (the University's hardship fund)

If you choose the travel fund option, once you've fully enrolled (ID check) you'll be sent a confirmation email which includes a unique validation link.  The code within the link (starting with AWV) can only be used once, so you must not copy it or forward it on.  The account must be registered using a University of Wolverhampton email address (ending  Once registered you simply choose the ticket option best suited to you.

For additional help regarding the travel fund you can download this useful step-by-step guide: Travel fund Help Guide (PDF)


What is an mTicket?

The mTickets app allows you to buy and load bus tickets on your phone.

You then just show the mTicket on the phone to the driver and he will accept it just like any other ticket. It replaces the paper ticket as no ticket will be issued by the driver, although mTickets will be checked for validity.

How does the mTicket work?

After you have registered your account with National Express using your university email address (ending in you can choose what kind of "ticket" would be best for you.

Once you have decided to buy a mTicket and clicked buy and confirmed the purchase, it will go into your mTicket wallet on your app until you want to travel at which point you 'activate' it.

The details of how long it is valid for will appear on the mTicket on the phone.

When the mTicket expires it will automatically go into the 'Expired' area of the wallet but cannot be used again like an active mTicket.

What choices of mTickets are there?

How do I get the mTcket app?

PLEASE NOTE: Please ensure you can download and use the app BEFORE purchasing any products (it may not be compatible with windows phones):

I downloaded the app and logged in but can't see any of my tickets

When you go on to the app you need to CREATE a new account with your email address and password that you used on the website (university email address ending  This should then show any tickets you have purchased.

However, if it’s still not working, please contact National Express directly either via email to sending it from your university email, or by clicking - your claim code is the end part of your unique link starting from AWV....

However you contact them please be as specific as possible in regards to your issue to ensure a quick response.

Also please remember that you have to log back in to your account online to purchase or update your tickets, you CANNOT do it through the app.

Swift Cards

What is a Swift Card?

Swift Card” means a transport smartcard that can be loaded with electronic travel Products for use on Participating Operator services and is issued by West Midlands Combined Authority.

There are three types of Swift card that you can use on National Express West Midlands, National Express Coventry services and Midland Metro tram services.

If you do not have a Swift card already we will send you one with your first order and if you already have a suitable card then you can collect your purchase almost immediately using the Swift App for Android phones and tablet devices or one of over 80 Swift card Collectors across the region.

How do I use my Swift Card?

Simply place your smartcard on the red scanner at the front of the bus on each bus you board and wait for the green light to appear. 


  • You will not be issued with a paper ticket so the smartcard should be placed on the scanner every time you board the bus. 
  • One daysaver will be deducted each day on the day you use the bus. 
  • You can see how many daysavers you have left on your e-Daysaver card by looking at the screen on the smartcard scanner.

Pay As You Go

  • Place your card on the reader and leave it there whilst you tell the driver which pass you wish to buy using your card.
  • The driver will then print you a ticket and you can remove your card from the reader.
  • The balance on your card will be shown on the screen on the smartcard scanner and also printed onto your bus ticket.

Please keep the Swift smartcard separate from any contactless bank cards or other smartcards you may have when placing it on the scanner.  Please do not bend the smartcard.

What are my Swift card choices?

How do I top up my swift card?

You can:

click and collect

Log in, select the card you'd like to top-up or renew and tell us what you'd like to add to your card, then click to checkout.

Then all you need to do is collect. Use the Swift Card app, or over 100 on-street Swift Collectors to load your credit or ticket to your card. 



There are over 250 Payzone outlets in the West Midlands where you can buy your top-up or renew instantly.

Visit the Payzone locator to find the one closest to you.

travel centres & kiosk

We have 7 Travel Centres in the West Midlands, with friendly staff who are ready to answer all your Swift questions. You can also buy, top-up and renew here. Use the drop down below to find out which Travel Centre is closest to you. Or, why not try the new Swift Kiosk at Wolverhampton bus station - you can buy, top-up and renew here, even when the Travel Centre is closed!

For more information go to:

Frequently asked questions ....

How do I get the best value from my Travel Fund?

Spend a moment to work out which ticket provides the best value for your travel needs.  Alternatively, depending on the date of your purchase, you could buy 4-week tickets which would allow you to travel later into the academic year.

You can have either an mTicket or a Swift card but please make sure your phone is compatible with the mTicket app BEFORE you purchase one (see mTicket questions below).

I live outside of the Travel West Midlands Network – can I use the card?

We are sorry that the travel fund can currently only be used for services operating across the Travel West Midlands Network.  You can still receive the Travel fund and we would suggest that you can use this for part-journeys or other journeys across the West Midlands Network. 

Alternatively you can choose to donate it to our hardship fund, the Dennis Turner Opportunity Fund, if you know you will not benefit from the other options.

My studies are in Telford – can I use the card?

If you are eligible and study at the Telford Campus you will still receive a travel award and we would suggest that you can use this for part-journeys or other journeys across the West Midlands Network.  You can also continue to use the FREE University Shuttle Service between campuses:

I commute by car because public transport is not convenient for me? What about car parking?

The scheme is designed to encourage use of public transport as part of our commitment to being a greener, sustainable institution.  We understand that this will not suit everyone but you can use your travel fund for any and all journeys – so if you can’t use it to commute to the University you can use it at the weekends – for example to go shopping in Wolverhampton or Birmingham.

Can I change my mind afterwards?

The travel fund cannot be returned once you have received the code, so please feel free to pass on to a friend or family member who might use it.

I'm a returning/part-time/postgraduate/EU I eligible?

Unfortunately, the fund is only for full-time new entrants on an undergraduate programme where the course is studied at a University of Wolverhampton Campus commencing in September 2017. This includes Foundation degrees and HNC/D where studied full time, and based at a University Campus.

If you are part-time, continuing on a course, postgraduate or studying a course that is taught somewhere else (not a University of Wolverhampton campus) you may be eligible to apply to the Dennis Turner Opportunity Fund for support – see for details.  Applications are made through e:Vision and any award which may or may not be made will depend on individual circumstances.

If you are classed as an EU student where your fees are concerned then there is no additional financial support available to you.  However, if you think this is incorrect, please email us at, clearly putting your student number in the subject line and attaching the following evidence, and we will look into it:

  • Student Finance - current Student Finance Notification letter (all pages) which can be downloaded directly from your online account under Letters and Emails - click the link then download the pdf to save
  • Evidence of residency - EU nationals must have been resident in the UK for at least five years – bank statements/wage slips/school reports/college reports/child benefit/tax credits or similar but  needs to show inclusive dates from 31/07/2012 to 01/08/2017

Is there a cash alternative?

There is no cash alternative. However, students living in University of Wolverhampton-operated Halls of Residence can choose to have the £250 award deducted from their accommodation fees. 

Does the fund run out after a period of time?

Yes. You must activate your Travel Fund by 31st May 2018. Any Travel Fund codes not activated by that date will be withdrawn.  However, if you have activated your Travel Fund by that date, funds will remain in your account.

What do I do when my Travel Fund is empty?

The University is providing a maximum of £250 to each eligible student.  Once you have spent that amount, you can still use your registered account and top it up yourself. We hope that you will continue to use public transport for your commute to and from campus.

To log back in to your account go to:

Where can I use the Travel Fund?

The Travel Fund can be used for travel in Wolverhampton, Walsall, Sandwell and Dudley, Birmingham, Coventry and Solihull. For a full list of travel locations, visit:

Be sure that the option you choose is covered in your area BEFORE you purchase as refunds may not be provided.

If I choose to have £250 off my accommodation when does that happen?

We will take the £250 off your payment due in February.

It all sounds very complicated…

We wanted to offer students as much choice of product as possible to get the best value from your travel fund.  For regular travellers you will get more for your money with a season ticket or student travel pass.  Less regular travellers can purchase a Swift Card and just keep topping up on a pay as you go basis.

Who can I contact about the Travel Fund?

Please email if you have a query regarding the Travel Fund.

Once you have clicked the link and created your account, if you have any issues please go to the following form to contact National Express directly - the code is the last part of your link starting from AWV...

I was told I was eligible but still haven't received anything

If you believe that you should be eligible for the fund then please email ensuring you give us your student number and why you believe you should be receiving the fund and we will get back to you as soon as we can

Clicked the link but won't let me register

If you have been trying to log in from your phone we would suggest the first thing you do is try from a pc instead.

Then click on the unique link which goes to the National Express West Midlands page.  Log in using your University email address (ending, create an account and the funds will show in your account.  

If this still does not work then please contact National Express directly via - your claim code is the end part of your unique link starting from AWV....  Please be as specific as possible in regards to your issue to ensure a quick response.

They keep asking for my validation code?

Your claim code is the end part of your unique link starting from AWV....

I've fully enrolled but still haven't received my code?

It does take at least 24 hours for the code to then come through so please be patient - if you have not received it within a week then please email explaining this, ensuring you put your student number clearly in the subject line.

I applied for the fund but haven't received any link?

The email would have been sent to the email address you confirmed as being yours (not your University one unless you put that one down) on e:Vision when you enrolled.  You can log in to your e:Vision account and check the personal information to see which one you put down and to make sure it is correct. 

If not please amend it under personal information on your e:Vision account and email requesting it be resent ensuring you put your studnet number in the subject line.

*Terms, conditions and restrictions:

The £250 (two hundred and fifty pounds) travel fund will be offered to all full-time new entrants on an undergraduate programme where the course is studied at a University of Wolverhampton Campus commencing in September 2018. This includes Foundation degrees and HNC/D where studied full time, and based at a University Campus. To qualify students must be fully enrolled by the end of October 2018. The Travel Fund is only available for the 2018/19 academic year.  New Students will receive the fund details at the point of enrolment, through e:Vision.


International and EU Students will not be eligible to receive the travel award. Students at partner colleges or other locations that are not a University Campus are not eligible for the travel award.


Students who are eligible for the travel award can choose, as an alternative, either to have £250 deducted from their University of Wolverhampton-operated Halls of Residence accommodation fees;of, if you are eligible but do not wish to receive the travel fund then you can donate this (starter value only) to the University Hardship Fund for the benefit of other students.  

The travel fund product only operates within the West Midlands Regional Travel Network – and is currently only valid for travel on buses and trams. 

All students can apply to the Dennis Turner Opportunity Fund for support if experiencing genuine financial hardship: