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Samantha Allison, Interpreting (BSL/English)

As part of her Interpreting (BSL/English) course, Samantha took part in a work placement.  Here's what she thought about the experience:

"Having the opportunity, in the final semester of the third year, to attend work placement was something I was truly looking forward to.  This opportunity for me meant that all the underpinning knowledge that I had gained at the University of Wolverhampton could be put into practice and I could observe other qualified interpreters carrying out their duties.

Some may question if you can learn by observation and how beneficial it can really be, however, this was never a question I asked myself because my intention was to observe others in order to boost my own confidence, skill and knowledge within the interpreting profession. 

My work placement was at Lexicon Sign Stream based in Banbury (Oxfordshire).  At first the distance was a concern however, this was soon outweighed by what I began to learn from the agency.  Everything I anticipated from the company was achieved and much more.  I had the chance to attend events I never thought possible such as; the High Courts in London, the BBC, See Hear and much more.  This in turn aided my understanding because it became apparent to me what environments I would like to start my career in and where I would like to aim.

The work placement experience for me summed up everything I had learnt throughout my time at the University of Wolverhampton and I am truly thankful to both Lexicon Sign Stream and the University for the opportunity.  It was a wonderful experience and I certainly gained much more than anticipated from it. I now have everything I feel I need in order to work confidently within the community and I am looking forward to the exciting career I have ahead of me."