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Scifest Legitimate Interest Statement

Scifest may process personal information as part of the event, this may include the procurement of the following:


  • an individual’s physical image processed by Photograph
  • the voice or image of an individual processed by Video


The data will be processed under the grounds of legitimate interest but will not affect your rights or freedoms and will take your interests into account. This is not limited to but may include anyone under 18, in this case extra precautions have been taken to maintain that individual’s rights, freedoms and interests.


Scifest as part of the University of Wolverhampton may process personal information for legitimate business purposes, which include all of the following:


  • where processing enables us to enhance, modify, personalise or otherwise improve our services / communications for the benefit of individuals attending Scifest or the University of Wolverhampton.
  • to provide the local and online community with information and publicity regarding Scifest and the activities available.
  • as part of the Direct Marketing of Scifest, which may or may not be limited to be published via the University website, local and national news articles and publications, social media and involvement with third party contributors.
  • to maintain consistent and accurate research data for research involving learning and teaching and also benefits of events such as Scifest.
  • as part of In-direct Marketing for University courses to increase student recruitment and ultimately commercial income, which may include communication with third party.


When data is processed for these purposes we will ensure that we will maintain your Personal Data rights. You have the right to object or opt-out of the processing at any time, do to so please email with the date and time attended. You may also be asked to provide an image or vocal recording to allow us to identify you and remove your data but this will only be stored as long as required.


For more information about Privacy or Data Protection at the University of Wolverhampton please visit If you are concerned about the use of your data, please contact or