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Wolverhampton Light & Matter

Welcome to the web of the Wolverhampton Light & Matter (WLM) group, at the University of Wolverhampton, West Midlands, UK.

We are just born! (on January 6, 2017; 147 days ago) but moving fast (see our News).

We were previously based in Madrid, Spain, as the PolaFlow group, involving up to 20 scientists at all levels. With our recent relocation, taking up new challenges and setting ourselves stronger objectives, we shrank to currently two members, which is however already enough to get great things happening (see our Research Activities and Reseach Publications).

We are currently actively seeking funding to support our immediate activity and growth. We aim to maintain but also develop our internationally leading Research and make Wolverhampton a UK spot of excellence in the Physics of light-matter interactions. As a tribute to this, our logo features the n-dimensional hyperplanes of photon-leapfrog correlations reported in our first work fully produced in Wolverhampton [1]. If you are in the business of photon-correlations, it's probably a good bet to turn to us (see how to Contact us).

We also are the core of the Physics course at the University of Wolverhampton which launched in September 2017. This will be a once in a lifetime event, starting a Physics Branch. We are looking forward powering the University with the very best of higher education, the one you don't get anymore in most prestigious Universities because they eventually turn into an incoherent agglomerate of brilliant people who mind their own research and activities, losing grasp of the bigger picture. We start from zero, so everything has been rethinked, reviewed, reconsidered and we are in a unique position to bring students right to the edge of where technology is demanding to be pushed forward, based on brand new designed laboratory sessions and fresh, state-of-the-art module contents, in sync with what the best applied physics is about today. If you want to literally build your Alma Matter, come to us, or, rather, come with us! You will never have this chance again to be the first students of a course that we promise will be heard of. 

We hope that visiting the rest of this place, you will want to get in touch and build the rest of it with us: est posse.