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BSc Pharmacology

Pharmacology is a fascinating subject that looks at how drugs work, and covers a range of stimulating subject areas.

As different classes of drugs use different mechanisms to produce their effects, a pharmacologist needs to draw upon areas including cell biology, biochemistry, microbiology, molecular biology, and physiology to understand how a drug will work.

BSc (Hons) Pharmacology at the University of Wolverhampton covers all these subjects, and provides a good grounding for a rewarding and potentially lucrative career in research and development in pharmaceutical laboratories.

Other options include pharmaceutical industry roles such as medical representative, clinical trials scientist, medical education specialist, or in a training department.

In addition, the pharmacologist needs to know how drugs that are used as medicines affect the population as a whole, leading to the broadening of the topic into epidemiology and economics, as well as the reasons why certain medicines are prescribed.

Pharmacology is also crucial to advancing our knowledge about drugs and is on the cutting edge of pharmaceutical research and development. The wide and varied vocational opportunities that are available to a graduate of pharmacology will ensure that an interesting career path can be pursued.

More details about the subject can be found on the British Pharmacological Society website.


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