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Pharmaceutical Science

The pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors are currently growth areas in the UK and successful study in pharmaceutical science can open up a whole world of careers in these and related sectors.

Pharmaceutical science is a relatively new discipline that encompasses the disciplines of interfaces between medicinal and pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmaceutics, biochemistry, and pharmacology.

Study in this area also covers aspects of microbiology, biotechnology, and laboratory management.

Our foundation year (Level 3 modules) will develop your study and analytical skills in preparation for your future study in science and technology and develop an understanding of the knowledge which underpins the pharmaceutical arena.

BSc (Hons) Pharmaceutical Science uses a broad teaching and learning approach to foster development of the student as an independent lifelong learner capable of critica thinking, appraising situations and problem solving, as well as being able to draw upon a broad range of scientific knowledge.

Our MSci Pharmaceutical Science course will provide you with a range of progressive, coherent and challenging learning opportunities informed by research, scholarly activity and appropriate development of skills. 

All of these are personal assets that will serve you well in your chosen career. 

The RSC website also has a useful careers section with details of the options for graduates in this dynamic sector.