HPFP - The Human Powered Flight Project

Building a human powered aircraft

The purpose of the Human-Powered Flight Project (HPFP) is to design, construct and fly a human-powered aircraft (HPA). Although the immediate aim is to build a prototype aircraft within a single year, the longer-term goal is that the project will continue into future years, with teams of new students building on what has been achieved before.
The team is made up of undergraduate engineering students in their first or second year. The HPF project offers an exciting challenge from engineering design, materials selection, project planning, construction and team working.

The name of the plane is Guilfoyle Flying Wolf. This was chosen to acknowledge the partnership between the University of Wolverhampton and RAF Cosford: ‘Guilfoyle’ because this was the name of the founding Group Captain when RAF Cosford first opened in 1938 as a technical training school for aerospace engineering; and ‘Flying Wolf’ because the plane is being built by students at the University of Wolverhampton.

Between now and August we will be bulding our aircraft, training our pilot, testing and flying it while gaining some really good experience along the way.

Follow our progress by checking this webpage and via our social media channels.