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Welcome to the Cyber Quarter, the first dedicated West Midland’s hub of cyber security expertise and excellence.

Cyber Quarter is a bespoke Cyber & Security ecosystem, which blends industry and innovation with academic excellence and expertise.  Cyber Quarter provides a pioneering community of specialised business growth in a secluded secure location.

Cyber Quarter aims to:

  • Be a world leading facility and a global leader in cybersecurity innovation
  • Share best practice excellence through international collaboration and partnerships
  • Provide funded support to businesses facing emerging cyber security challenges
  • Provide world leading testing facilities for businesses to test their smart technology and infrastructure
  • To act as a Launch pad and Landing Pad venue for cyber innovators
  • Support the commercial potential of newly developed cyber innovations with the latest product and process development 
  • Continue to improve the safer use of the Internet for societal benefit  

Centre Vision:  

“Our vision is to become a leading Centre of Excellence in Cybersecurity Innovation and Services”​

Centre Mission: 

“Our mission is to be a single hub for supporting and accelerating cybersecurity innovation and for supporting industry by providing tailored security testing, training and R&D”

A place for Cyber Security businesses

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Cyber Quarter is a new £9 million Centre located on Skylon Park in the Hereford Enterprise Zone which will:

  • Stimulate a base of SMEs engaged in cyber-security solutions
  • Drive up levels of innovation activity in the cyber security
  • Improve insight on cyber security challenges and opportunities for SMEs across the Marches

The building will provide users with access to:

  • Over 1,000m² of R&D floorspace for 3 cyber laboratories, providing new laboratory and testing facilities
  • More than 1,500m² of employment space for 16 cyber security business/incubator units​
  • 2 workshops and meeting rooms / innovation sandpit room​
  • 250m² of high quality business training floorspace

  • Cyber R&D and Consultancy
  • Cyber Product testing/certifications
  • Cyber Incubator/Accelerator
  • Cyber CPD/Short courses
  • Cyber Conference

Cyber Security Consulting / Auditing service​s.

We have the technology to investigate cyber incidents: 

  • Some examples of this are: ​
  • Security assessment and recommendations. ​
  • Risk assessment ​
  • ISO auditing – to help get a company ISO certification​
  • Support in getting cyber essentials / CE+​
  • Support in being GDPR compliant​
  • Incidence response​
  • Evaluate or develop disaster recovery & Business continuity plans. ​

End-to-End Security testing and certification service​

Our state-of-the-art cyber security testing facility can be used for any type of product with a view to achieve industry level certification: ​

  • Some examples of this are: ​
  • Automated Vulnerability Scanning ​
  • Penetration testing (Internal and external)​
  • Mobile Application testing ​
  • Algorithm testing​
  • Application testing​
  • Social Engineering ​
  • Wireless testing ​
  • We aim to develop an end-to-end IoT testing platform as part of this. SMEs can use this to test their IoT device. 

Midlands Centre for Cyber Security will provide short training courses as part of a Continuous Professional Development programme delivered by the University of Wolverhampton.

Please see further detail enclosed in the attached link CQ leaflet

Hugo Russell, MBCS, BIT

Digital Projects Manager

School of Mathematics and Computer Science

University of Wolverhampton

+44 (0)789 409 6439  |  |



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