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Postgraduate Courses

Our postgraduate courses have been designed to reflect current and emerging practices in industry and to expand your technological awareness such that you can play a pivotal role in your chosen profession.

Increasingly the technology focused on in our courses is enabling companies to compete in today’s dynamic and global marketplace.We pride ourselves on a very high employability rate for our postgraduate students.

On completion of our courses, you can develop your career towards senior management positions, where deeper technical knowledge is beneficial. 

Our Courses
Doctor of Philosophy Postgraduate research in Built Environment
MSc Building Information Modelling for Integrated Construction
Postgraduate Certificate Building Information Modelling
MSc Civil Engineering Management
Postgraduate Certificate Civil Engineering Management
MSc Civil and Structual Engineering
MSc Construction Law and Dispute Resolution
Postgraduate Certificate Construction Law and Dispute Resolution
MSc Programme and Project Management
Postgraduate Certificate in Programme and Project Management
MSc Construction Project Management
Postgraduate Certificate Construction Project Management
MSc Offsite Housing Construction
MSc Oil and Gas Management
MSc Demolition Management