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Portfolio Tips

These are the requirements for the portfolio to be presented by applicants at their interview for BSc (Hons) Architecture,  BSc (Hons) Interior Architecture and Property Development or BSc(Hons) Architectural Design Technology .

You portfolio should include the following

A. Freehand sketches of buildings and street scenes in your local area


Architecture Portfolio Advice 1 Portfolio Advice 2




B. Photographic studies of buildings and street scenes in your local area (these must be different to section A). These should be accompanied by hand written text explaining why each particular scene was chosen.

Portfolio Advice 3 

Perhaps the most picturesque of my home town streets and composes buildings dating from the 15th to 19th centuries.

It is this mix that makes the street so attractive. Unusually the further up the street you go the younger the buildings get. It’s beautiful!





C.  Any additional graphical studies (drawings, paintings, posters etc.) undertaken by you in your previous work or study.


D. In addition you should provide a hand written critique of a building of architectural merit within your local area. This critique should contain within the text two sketches of the building in context and a further sketch showing a prominent architectural feature of the building.

Portfolio Advice 4 

This is a medieval “Cruck framed” threshing barn located in the building museum of Avoncroft near Bromsgrove. The original structure was dismantled at its original location near Leominster, transported and rebuilt at the museum. There are some new components, but these have been carefully crafted from like materials and inserted into the fabric with great care. The building has a thatched roof and the panels between the frames are made from split timber sheets woven around timber poles set into the frame. All connections in the main frames are tenon and dowel joints


It is accepted that the vocabulary you use may be limited in terms of your architectural language. 20 pieces of work would be sufficient however half of these must be those in section A

Applicants should not be deterred by any lack of experience in the undertaking of the various tasks. The team recognise that not all applicants may have an art background. However we would acknowledge the enthusiasm and effort applied in the creation of your portfolio. These skills will be developed in your studies if you are successful in your application.