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At CFRC, we offer bespoke, fully-funded support to SMEs in the region to achieve high standards of delivery in offsite construction.

Our services include:

Construction Futures Research Centre (CFRC) supports Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) within the Black Country region with mapping and analysis.

The CFRC team can organise visits to manufacturing sites and communicate with the relevant people on the site floor.

CFRC can then collect information and design a Business Process Model of the whole manufacturing site. This model can help SMEs with:

  • Visability within the process
  • Figuring out where the Bottle lies within the process. 

CFRC supports SMEs within the Black Country with DES.

This focuses on a specific product's manufacturing process in detail. This involves 'Time and Motion Study' and liasing with a relevant staff member. In special cases, CFRC undertake some video capturing in regards to time and motion study.

This helps companies to:

  • Reduce the Bottleneck
  • Utilize different resources that are being used within the process
  • Check and play with the resource utility

Business Information Modelling (BIM) is a digital representation of the physical world, used as a shared resource containing information about a building and many of the assets within the building. BIM is the process of procuring a built asset using a collaborative working process supplied by digital data; using the philosophy ‘build it twice’ – digitally and physically. Ironing out the problems in the digital model saves time and money. The BIM modelling process starts at inception through to handover and the management phase covers handover to demolition. During the life of a building 75% of the costs are on operation and having access to a BIM model can help cut costs. At CFRC we can offer support to SMEs by creating BIM models of products using Autodesk Revit modelling software.