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Training Courses

The Emergency Management & Resilience Centre is currently developing a suite of training courses for emergency planning, resilience, business continuity, terrorism and disaster management, which will be available from late 2018 onwards.  Our intention is to provide high quality and useful  courses at competitive and realistic prices over one, two and three day periods depending on their content and level.

These training courses will bring together both the understanding of requirements in the field with an explicit focus on how to apply this within your organisations. If you have an idea for training courses that you might want us to develop and deliver we would be happy to consider your contribution.  

Bespoke Training

In addition, to the suite of training courses, we also offer the development of training courses to suit you and your organisations particular needs. These could be delivered in the Emergency Management & Resilience Centre, here in Telford, or at your own location to suit your needs.

Further Advice

For further information or advice relating to these courses please contact us.

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