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Study individual or multiple modules to gain formal recognition of your training with one of our partners and use this towards our other postgraduate emergency management courses.

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Gain qualifications from your professional courses with our assessment only online modules.

This course allows you to study two modules at a time although you can undertake this award multiple times. However, please note that there is a limit on how many Level 7 (postgraduate) university credits you can take into, through Recognition of Prior Learning, each of our postgraduate qualifications which are as follows:

Postgraduate CourseMaximum Transferable CreditsNumber of 20 credit modules which can be swapped out
PG Certificate Emergency Planning, Resilience & Response up to 20 credits 1
PG Diploma/MSc Emergency Planning, Resilience & Response up to 40 credits* 1

*This figure includes the credits from the postgraduate certificate level/course.  Note that only one module per award level can be used through Recognition of Prior Learning.

Please note that modules/credits are only transferable which equate to multiples of 20 credits, part credit transfer is not possible.

This online course aims to meet academic and professional development needs in relation to specialist skills competencies associated with the response to emergencies or other hazardous situations.

There will be provision to assist you in the development of a range of strategic and academic skills to enable the use of action learning and reflection.

A friendly, helpful and student-focused team of academic and administrative staff will support you during your independent studies.  The overall programme is delivered by subject specialists who are involved in significant advisory roles and research within Emergency Planning locally, regionally, nationally, internationally and who participate in national communities of practice, developing and sharing expertise.

Links and knowledge from local, national and international research initiatives undertaken in the Faculty of Education, Health & Wellbeing and the wider University research institutions can be useful in delevering your topic.

Applicants must provide their certificate of completion for the associated externally provided course to gain access to specific assessment modules.

Candidates will normally hold a first degree or evidence of Level 6 / 7 study achieved at or above a minimum pass grade or equivalent.  However, candidates will be considered for the course that have relevant experience in the emergency services, public services, the military, or other organisations that have a role in emergency planning, business resilience and/or the response to situations involving hazardous circumstances. 

If English is not the your first language you will need to have a TOEFL score of 550 or above, or an IELTS score of 6.0 or above, or evidence of English proficiency equivalent to these scores.

The learning activities which will support you in the achievement of the learning include:

Online Academic Skills Module:  Opportunity to develop academic skills such as writing, reading and finding information through online materials and quizzes to test your knowledge and abilities before you undertake your main assessment.

Formative Submission of Draft Assessment:  Opportunity is provided for you to submit a draft for comment from module tutors before the actual (graded) assessment is submitted. This will assist in developing your academic skills and guiding you to successful completion of the module.

Online Tutorials: You are able to book videoconference or telephone tutorials with Module Tutors and/or your Personal Tutor to obtain tailored academic advice to meet your individual needs.

Discussions:  The University’s virtual learning environment, Canvas, provides a forum for you and your fellow students/colleagues to engage in dialogue with each other to provide group interaction and support.

Independent and self-directed learning: These are essential aspects of studying at postgraduate level. In each module there will be a degree of freedom for you to explore topics of your own choice in the context of the module specific learning outcomes and the requirements of assessment. To achieve this you will need to seek out and review material and literature, over and above the recommended reading, to support your academic and professional development.

Summative Assessment: Each module will specify the details of the required assessments which will usually take the form of an essay or report although other methods may be used.

As you are no doubt aware emergency responder and other organisations train their staff in specialist emergency response skills for a range of hazardous situations.

This course of online modules provides a route for academic assessment of such training courses and provides university credits on successful completion which can be used towards our Postgraduate and Masters courses in Emergency Planning, Resilience & Response.  This adds additional opportunity and value if you have completed the training course and wish to have more formal recognition which goes beyond the ‘certificate of attendance’.

This course and associated training is relevant to employment within the emergency services, the military, voluntary organisations, local authorities, the National Health Service, the private sector and any organisation involved in supporting a range of emergency, rescue or incident responses.

The course is built upon the concepts of inquiry and comparison of the subject matter and enables you to gain the knowledge and skills to make decisions and challenge practice based on existing evidence, research and practice.

Many of our students go on to achieve new jobs and/or promotion as a result of their studies. Often this happens during their course not only after completion. Participating in academic study at all levels will encourage analysis and criticality and hence may improve your opportunity for promotion and advancement.

For the award of Specilaist Skills in Emergency Management, Resilience & Response, you will have:

  1. Met the learning outcomes for each of the modules studied; and
  2. Passed the appropriate module assignment associated with the module(s) studied.

Please click here to apply for the course.

Please note that as part of the application process you should scan/photo and upload the certificates from our partners courses related to the modules you wish to study.

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