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Why the Institute of Education?

Why the Institute of Education? Because you get so much more.

One of the West Midlands’ largest providers of teacher education, the Institute of Education offers a comprehensive range of nationally-recognised courses in education for future and current education professionals. From cutting-edge teacher training courses and undergraduate courses covering the education sector to research degrees and continuing professional development (CPD) for all education professionals.

  • 56 courses on offer students have a range of opportunities to study with the Institute of Education.
  • We work with around 275 primary schools, 200 secondary schools and 30 Lifelong Education institutions from across the entire West Midlands region and beyond. 
  • Vibrant and rapidly developing research culture whose subject areas span the entire spectrum of education, from early years to post-compulsory and adult learning which plays its part in your study experience.
  • All our lecturers are research active (see our profiles on the University web pages) and working on latest developments.
  • The Institute of Education is home to the Education Observatory research centre.
  • High quality learning facilities, including well equipped teaching rooms, cutting edge learning spaces, lecture theatres and a social learning environment.
  • Brand new Active Learning Centre Classroom within our WN Samuel Johnson Education building.
  • We are committed to student support, from enrolment to graduation. You will have a personal tutor to support your progression through your award. 
  • Clear progression to postgraduate degree study for our undergraduates.
  • We take a holistic approach to education, exploring other issues and areas that may impact on learning and development rather than just focusing on education alone.  So for instance, one of our Childhood and Families Lecturer's came from a health background therefore she is able to teach about the impacts of health and health inequalities on academic achievement.


  • The Special Needs and Inslusion Studies team are engaged in international consultancy work and the delivery of international training programmes (Myanmar, Thailand)
  • Opportunities for placement experience overseas, such as at the prestigious Peto Institute in Hungary, Cambridge International School, Jalandhar in India to the 'In Holland' college in Amsterdam
  • Dedicated to the concepts of Lifelong Learning and widening participation.
  • Career development week – all Childhood, Family, Special Needs and Education students at Levels 4, 5 and 6 have opportunities to gain employability and related skills. This is unique to University of Wolverhampton.
  • High employability and NSS rates.

Initial Teacher Training


What do Ofsted say?

The University of Wolverhampton provision is particularly effective in developing highly professional teachers with the skills to reflect critically on the quality of their teaching in order to improve it. They are valued highly by the schools, colleges and other settings where they secure employment in the region. The university has an excellent reputation that enables it to build strong partnerships across the region to support high-quality teacher training and educational improvement. Employment rates in all phases are high, with many former trainees working in the region.

Ofsted (2013), Initial Teacher Education Inspection Report, London: Ofsted‌

What do our partners say?

"I just wanted to send a quick email to say that your student has been a fantastic volunteer this year supporting two schools on our programme to deliver community based projects. We would love to have more students from your department volunteering with us." ( Emma Jarvis. Envision Coordinator).

"K**** was reliable, showed initiative and worked very well as part of our team... Her approach to families using the Centre was sensitive and welcoming... On one occasion she was able to persuade a small child to go and see her father when other more experienced volunteers had failed... She was such a successful placement, that K**** has agreed to continue as a volunteer". (Elisabeth, Child Contact Centre Coordinator) 

Student successes

Don't take our word for it! Visit course pages and our YouTube channel to find out what some of our current students think about their course, the resources available and life at the University of Wovlerhampton.