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Subject Knowledge Enhancement (SKE) Courses

These courses are designed for applicants who have been offered, or are hoping to gain, a place on a postgraduate Secondary Education Initial Teacher Training (ITT) course in England. SKE programmes are designed for ITT candidates to gain the depth of knowledge needed to train to teach their chosen subject. At interview, your subject knowledge will be assessed and, if you need it, you will be offered a place on a course to develop the subject-specific content that you will require.

All funded SKE courses are planned on a programme of 25 hours (fte) per week.  This has been a mix of face-to-face and blended/distance learning.

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, the University is currently not engaging in any face to face teaching as we follow Government guidelines on social distancing.  Therefore, we have moved all of our scheduled Subject Knowledge Enhancement teaching online for 2020.  Once you are accepted onto the programme your course tutor will be in touch soon to let you know what the arrangements are for how to access your SKE materials, and we intend to continue with our planned delivery of SKE, albeit in a different way to how we would normally operate.  Please await communications from your SKE subject tutor regarding the starting points and enrolment.

Fully Funded Subject Knowledge Enhancement Courses

Short Booster Courses (Non-Funded)

These are available to University Secondary Initial Teacher Education applicants with an offer to start their teacher training in September 2020. We offer courses in the following subjects:

These are shorter courses designed to target specific aspects of subject knowledge in a very intensive manner. They are designed for those who already have substantial subject knowledge but need to address particular areas. They are available for the following subjects:






Modern Foreign Languages (French and Spanish courses)



 Apologies these are not available in Summer 2020

There is no charge for any of the above courses, and a DfE bursary is payable to eligible participants.

These involve a charge and do not carry a bursary. For further details please follow the links on the menu. 

Am I eligible for a SKE course?

To be eligible trainees must:

  • Not already hold qualified teacher status.
  • Have agreement from their Initial Teacher Training (ITT)  provider that they should attend. (i.e. it needs to be a condition of a PGCE offer). For a booster course you need to have a PGCE offer.


An DfE bursary is payable to participants if eligible. This  is currently £200 per week. For further information, please visit the following DfE pages Subject Knowledge Enhancement: an Introduction  and  Get into Teaching.

(Please note those with a 3rd class or ordinary degree are not eligible for a bursary and no bursary funding can be paid until the final degree grade is confirmed and verified.)

Bursary payments are made monthly with the first month in arrears. 


For all enquiries please e-mail the SKE Administrator at