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Social Care

Social care is a fulfilling career. Working in social care will allow you to meet the needs of individuals by providing practical support to help people live their lives independently.

Our graduates enter a wide range of careers, particularly in the public and not-for-profit sectors. Roles include care management, social research, community work and health promotion.

Job opportunities in Social Care

You will offer personal support and care to those in need. This may be working with children or families, young people or people with mental health or learning disabilities. Your role could be within a variety of settings, for example a residential home or working within a community setting.

Whichever role you choose to go into, you can be assured that your job will involve doing something worthwhile to make a difference to someone's life.

Our courses

The courses available at the University of Wolverhampton will allow you to study social care along with another subject where you will gain a deeper understanding about the issues surrounding social care. This will provide you with adequate knowledge and skills to use once graduated and employed in the social care sector. 

You can choose from: