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Our students will benefit from purpose-built teaching centres, featuring state-of-the-art facilities such as well equipped skills centres, spacious lecture theatres, large IT suites, enhanced Learning Centre facilities and modern Social Learning Spaces.

Skills assessment flat

Engage in real life scenarios in the University’s skills assessment flat. Walking in, the flat could be any home in any town or city, with a double and a single bedroom, bathroom, lounge and kitchen. Here students role-play situations to test their reactions, knowledge and resilience to incidents they could easily face on day one of the job. There are TV screens in two rooms to enable the rest of the peer group to watch the scenario and give advice or suggestions.

View an image gallery of the skills assessment flat

Skills centres

Our newly developed skills centres include simulated hospital wards, a general practitioner room, a two bedded assessment area and a 'home environment'.

The ‘Laerdal SimMen’ (pictured) simulate breathing and students can measure blood pressure, take pulses from multiple positions on the body and even practise catheterisation.

IT suites

We offer you up-to-date facilities, including free student internet and e-mail access. All terminals are set up with Microsoft packages and nursing and midwifery students will be able to use the IT facilities on any of the University campuses and Institute of Health Professions locations. The student wi-fi is accessible across campus.

Students undertaking other health studies and social work related programmes will study at the City Campus, where they will have access to IT facilities across campus.

Social Learning Space

If you need to type up some work, undertake group work or simply network with your peer group, our Walsall and Wolverhampton City sites offer Social Learning Spaces, which are set up with computer terminals and facilities for you to gain access to online materials, type up assignments or make relevant contacts through our e-mail facilities.