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2020: The Year of Artsfest Online

This year marks the sixth year of Artsfest hosted by the university. Traditionally we join with cultural venues across the region to programme a variety of events including live performances, workshops, theatre shows, music, poetry, art exhibitions, and lots more to get involved with. 

Each year we invite an eclectic range of new and established artists both locally and further afield, to use Artsfest as a platform to enhance their careers. This is something that we are proud to support and will endeavour to do in the future, using Artsfest as a vehicle to continue to bring you the very best this region has to offer.

Despite all the challenges this year we still wanted to bring art to you, so in response to the current climate we've presented Artsfest 2020 as a series of online artist talks. Our autumn/winter programme is under way so please keep checking here for updates or alternatively follow us on Instagram 

You can catch up with with any talks you may have missed or simply watch them again! Just visit the 'Previous Events' section of this page or go to the University of Wolverhampton YouTube channel where you will find lots of other creative and inspiring videos to watch too >> UoW YouTube Channel 


Claire Buckerfield
Artsfest Coordinator

Arts Drop Project - School of Art Prize 

ASPIRE to HE and Wolverhampton School of Art have provided 250 art packs to support Y10 and Y12 students with their art studies during lockdown. The budding artists from local schools have two art briefs to work on, and the two students with the most impressive piece of work will be awarded the School of Art prize of £50 worth of professional art materials from our onsite materials shop >> School of Art Shop.

Extraordinary Everyday! 3D Project

The first project brief set by Paul McAllister course leader in ceramics and glass asks students to scrutinise an object and draw it carefully recording all of its distinguishing characteristics. Students will then make a ‘version’ of the object in another material in response to their research. The twist is that students will be making it to a different scale!

This Is Me! Recording Our Identities 2D Project

The second project brief set by Amy Evans, lecturer in illustration asks students to think about their identity where they live/ who they live with/ what they like to do/read/listen to/ their friends/ what they eat and wear. Identity is not simple - it is made up of multiple factors! Students will then make a 2D piece of work in response to their research.

BA (Hons) Applied Art student Nikki Palmer and MA Fine Art graduate Tod Jones have offered their hints and tips on how they approached the briefs in the videos below. Check them out!

Here are some of the amazing designs sent in by the students....

Art Drop, Wolverhampton School of Art, University of Wolverhampton

Read more about Aspire to HE in partnership with the University of Wolverhampton here >>Aspire to HE


2D project winner: Hannah K 

‘What a hard job, and also an honour it has been to judge this project! All submissions have been fantastic in their own way and I am absolutely delighted to see young people engaging with the arts and exploring and expressing their own identity. Hannah’s work follows the brief, and then she has gone on to really gives it her own twist. Her final artwork demonstrates a really creative way of compiling all of the elements and components outlined in the brief, and she presented them in a really aesthetically pleasing way with good attention to design. You can see that she has been inspired by artists and practitioners who incorporate the theme of identity in their own work. You feel, after really looking at this artwork, that you get to know Hannah through this image. She has taken risks and experimented with a mixed media approach which really suits the eclectic nature of expressing an identity that is made up of many moving parts. She has also addressed a global issue that is important to her which is something that we encourage students to do on our courses here in the school of art. Congratulations Hannah, and a huge well done to every single person that got involved in the arts drop project, whether they submitted work, or if they chose to use the arts pack to develop their own practice in their own way. It has never been more important to stay creative!' Amy Evans lecturer, Illustration.

3D project winner: Jessica Morris

'I fell for this object because of its characterful qualities and the careful studies in pencil. Translating these observations of a very mechanical object made in metal into the malleable clay has transformed what is perhaps a familiar object to many of us into something of great warmth. Well done Jessica!' Paul mcallister course leader, Ceramics and Glass.


Virtual Experience Days

Wolverhampton School of Art is running virtual Experience Days for sixth form students. During these events students have worked on creative projects, requiring no specialist materials or equipment – all that has been required is interest and enthusiasm. These projects have centred on Surrealist photomontage, self-portraits and identity. There has been an enthusiastic response and it’s been wonderful to see so many participating students engrossed in produced personal solutions to these exciting projects.

L3 Student Collages, Wolverhampton School of Art, University of Wolverhampton

L- R Top Row: My Future, My Past by Alex Tscochan; Natural by Chrystal Shaw.

L- R Middle Row: Hands of Georgia by Daisy Gnotto; Nature by Libasse; Balance by Saskia Robertson "This piece is about the sea and I wanted to try and create a relaxing feeling. I also tried to recreate waves and a sense of balance"; Seeing Double by Gagandeep Singh "This collage piece represents two different situations. One is happiness and the other is hecticness. I think everybody has been suffering through these hard times as well as me".

L- R Bottom Row: Stay at Home by Maria Bishop "This design is based on the coronavirus and how many people have lost loved ones and the fire in the background links with destroying the community when people don't wear their face masks. The fire is also for people working to stop the virus through arguments and rioting to try and get things to the way they were. The bottom is about staying at home to reduce the risk of catching it. The people that are in the design are there to show their emotion through their faces and to show others around them how they are feeling"; The Youth by Hamdi Abdirahman "This piece of my photomontage shows the generation we are in, where the youth prefer to face away from the reality and are blindfolded by the internet"; The World by Brandon Yau.

Wolverhampton School of Art, George Wallis Building, University of Wolverhampton

A selection of work from students at Cadbury Sixth Form College.