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An International Arts & Wellbeing Conference 

‘Building Bridges’ in Applied Arts and Health, Education and Community:


7–10 August 2019
Ironbridge - Telford, Shropshire, England

In celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the Journal of Applied Arts and Health (JAAH), the University of Wolverhampton collaborate in hosting an International Arts & Wellbeing Conference. The Conference is conveniently located in the UNESCO World Heritage site known as the ‘Birthplace of the Industrial Revolution’ in the stunning Ironbridge Gorge, Shropshire, England. With its vast array of Victorian monuments, museums and galleries it is a major historical destination. It is also home to the world’s first cast-iron bridge built in 1779 by Abraham Darby III and now recognised as one of the great symbols of the Industrial Revolution. This remarkable Iron Bridge still dominates the town that bears its name.

The Conference celebrates the arts and aims to build metaphoric bridges across the field by facilitating a diverse and lively programme of dialogue with an emphasis on creativity and wellbeing in education and community. The Conference focuses on applied arts practice, research, scholarship, expressive arts therapy, community and education, set within proximity to one of England’s most stunning heritage locations.

Who is the conference for?

The Conference explores common themes, concerns, possibilities across a range of organizations including expressive arts therapists, medical staff, artists, educators, researchers, policy makers, consultants, applied arts practitioners including integrative, multimodal arts processes for personal transformation, community development, heritage and wellbeing, social change and healing through the arts.


Confirmed presenters so far include:

Dr Eduardo Abrantes (Sweden), Kate Andrews (UK),  Eva Bjørg Antonsen (Norway),  Maggie Ayliffe (UK),  Holly Bennett (UK),  Dr Hilary Bungay (UK),  Professor Laura Caulfield (UK),  Yu-Ying Chen (USA),  Adam Davis (UK),  Leonie Elliott-Graves (UK),  Ingrid Femdal (Norway),  Dr Patricia Fenner (Australia),  Dr Teresa A. Fisher (USA),  Dr Dina Fried (Israel),  Marie Fitzpatrick (UK),  Dr Andrew Fletcher (UK),  J. Todd Frazier (USA),  Professor Fiona Hackney (UK),  Dr Clive Holmwood (UK),  Dr J. Yoon Irons (UK),  Christine Isherwood (USA),  Dr Anita Jensen (Norway),  Dr Debra Kalmanowitz (Israel),  Professor Vicky Karkou (UK),  James Kenworth (UK),  Dr Anthony Killick (UK),  Melissa Kirby (UK),  Dr Mitchel Kossak (USA),  Jennie Kristel (USA),  Professor Megan Lawton (UK),  Dr James Layton (UK),  Professor Margret Lepp (Sweden),  Dr Michal Lev (Israel),  Dr Lydia Lewis (UK),  Jessica Lovett (UK),  Dr Helga S. Løvoll (Norway),  Dr Rachel Massie (UK),  Prof, Shaun McNiff (USA),  Candi Miller (UK),  Emeritus Professor Carole Miller (Canada),  Professor Ross Prior (UK),  Ian Randall (UK),  Gavin Rogers (UK),  Professor Emma Rose (UK),  Professor Malcolm Ross (UK),  Dr Hilary Rubesin (USA),  Wigdis Saether (Norway),  Dr Nisha Sajnani (USA),  Emeritus Professor Juliana Saxton (Canada),  Lisa Schouw (Australia),  Dr Anthony Schrag (UK),  Dr Tawnya Smith (USA),  Dr Rebecca Stancliffe (UK),  Dr, Daniel Stolfi (UK),  Dr Philip Taylor (USA),  Dr Laura Teoli (USA),  Dr Wenche Torrissen (Norway),  Dr Michael Viega (USA),  Meghánn Ward (UK),  Dr Michael Watson (USA),  Dr Ceri Wilson (UK),  Dr Alpha Woodward (USA),  Dr Yanyi Yang (China).

This conference is proudly sponsored by: