MA Fine Art

MA Fine Art is a broad based course, which aims to help you in developing as a practicing artist. The course will equip you with the tools to question received ideas and orthodoxies across a range of art practices and theoretical positions, expanding your understanding of the critical discourses, histories and contexts from which contemporary art is constructed, as well as offering opportunities for professional development.

The course is suitable for people who are building on undergraduate fine art experience, as well as those with a background in visual and / or making disciplines who would like to transfer their creative skills to the more experimental world of contemporary fine art.

What does the course involve?

The course is delivered through studio tutorials and debates, lectures, seminars, and independent study modules.

You have access to the school’s extensive workshops, including the foundry, wood, metal and printmaking workshops, painting studios, photography studios, darkrooms, video and digital media facilities.

Each year our students exhibit their work at the MA Degree Show. Use the links below to view the work from previous years.

Student success

"As a result of studying the MA course I have grown professionally as an artist. By adopting a ‘take a risk’ attitude I have been able to further refine my artistic practice and anchor it within the most critically interesting areas. By embracing the challenge of diversification, and enjoying the critical dialogue embedded within the course, I have resolved a number of sticking points, and identified areas for future development.

I chose to study my MA at the University of Wolverhampton as I felt I needed to breathe new life into my practise and relished the challenge of experiencing a new exciting creative environment. The artistic facilities on offer to students and the glowing reputations of the SAD staff and support technicians also played a key role in my decision.

What particularly impressed me about the course was not only the availability and approachability of the lecturers but the general sense of cohesion felt as a student. As well as extensive access to lecturers, and the intensively taught aspects of the course, there are many MA excursions that are incredibly beneficial." Matthew Evans.

Further information:  

More detailed information about the course.

Course Leader: Dr Dean Kelland