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Glass Working Facilities

Glass Working Facilities

We have one of the largest, best equipped glass-making facilities in Europe, giving students the opportunity to experience a broad range of techniques to realisetheir creative aspirations.

Our Hot Shop contains:

  • 2 recuperated pot furnaces for blowing and casting
  • Glory-holes and lehrs
  • Automated glass press and centrifuge
  • 1 of Europe’s largest hot glass casting kilns at 2 m x 1m.
  • Many of the moulds used are created in our own resin-sand mould-making workshop.

Our cold processing room contains:

  • A full range of linishers, cutting and polishing lathes
  • Flat-bed grinders
  • Diamond glass drill
  • Lapidary saws
  • A diamond band saw
  • 4 vibra-lap machines
  • Pneumatic hand grinders and engravers
  • An industrial diamond milling machine

The kiln room contains:

  • 18 kilns, ranging in size from small scale jewellery to large scale casting and architectural kilns.

Other facilities:

A large plaster model and mould-making workshop to realise forms in plaster, wax and thermo-set rubber which then can be taken into refractory castable moulds for lost wax casting and glass slumping.

Facilities gallery: