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Digital Printmaking Room

The Digital Print room is an open access facility offering a range of printers that are capable of printing onto a number of different sub straights.

There are two medium format high-end printers that print onto a range of Matt, Luster and Gloss photographic papers. This range of papers is then extended onto one of our large format printers, enabling the prints to extend up to 150cm wide and to an infinite length.

The second large format printer offers a range of specialist papers. The inks from these printers are rated as archival quality. Ie. Guaranteed to not colour-shift for 75 years.

There are two Thermal Lithographic printers, these print onto a photographic film up to 3 feet wide. This film can be used like a photographic negative as a UV resist. The film can be assigned to many printing processes. It can be used to generate images from silk-screens, or used to create an embossing from a metal plate. In the darkrooms, it may be used for used for large Photogram’s and Bichromate printing.

The Large Format Mimaki textile inkjet printer will print onto a range of fabrics up to 150cm wide, and to an infinite length. The fabrics are washable.

The A3 laser printer is a duplex machine. (will print onto both sides) The room has a Large Format Scanner that will scan up to A0 size. There are two large guillotines, one electric for large prints, the other to cut thicker materials such as mount-board and foam-board.