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Ceramics facilities

The Ceramics facilities at Wolverhampton are among the best equipped in the country.

Our purpose built workshop includes:

  • Throwing area with Roderveld wheels
  • Slab roller and extruder
  • Plaster workshops
  • Slip casting facilities
  • Facilities for jigger and jollying
  • Glaze laboratory
  • Kiln areas
  • Architectural ceramics area where students can develop large scale work with green brick

14 Kilns, including:

  • 3 gas fired,
  • 2 laser
  • 1 large gas
  • 2 large electric trolley kilns
  • 1 electric gradient test kiln

Outdoor kiln area:

  • 2 Raku kilns
  • An area for alternative pit and sawdust firing.

Other facilities:

  • 3D Computer-Aided Design suite and studios
  • Printmaking facilities used to extend surface applications
  • Plaster model and mould-making workshops allow forms to be realised in plaster