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Animation facilities

The resources and equipment in Animation fully support the aspiration for high end productions to be created. Students are encouraged to work to industry standard and aspire to award winning animations.

Facilities include:

  • A dedicated studio developed to replicate a professional configuration that is equipped with 25 workstations
  • 2 screen setups for both production and post production runs to occur
  • Production cycle software applications -- CGI software Maya 3D, and 3D Studio Max as well as Toon Boom Studio, Flash, After Effects and the full Adobe CS suite
  • A 2D capture area where line testing through to full productions can be achieved Dedicated blue and green screens and portable motion capture rig
  • A stop motion space that can be used to facilitate puppet and model animation production
  • Fully equipped drawing and life studios

Students also have full access to a range of high-end audio and video recording facilities through our Media store.