Matthew Hark

Matthew Hark 2020 BA (Hons) Photography graduate, Wolverhampton School of Art, University of Wolverhampton

Title of Piece: Flexi-Box


Matthew Hark’s A New Prosperity is an enduring contemporary documentary project focusing on the fundamental chapters arising in the UK, at the beginning of the new decade: the day of the general election (December 2019), the tranquil devastation of the floods (February 2020), the spread the COVID-19 in the UK (March 2020). These images discreetly aim to encapsulate the mood and the consequences on the country, specifically the area of West Midlands, by dutifully documenting the responses and the development of these events. The project concentrates on producing a defining representation of the UK today, as its post-Brexit utopianism is ravaged by disasters that are forcing us to face the magnitude of recent social and political decisions.

Matthew aims to continue forward into documentary photography. He is planning on applying in 2021 to The University of South Wales to do MA Documentary Photography. In the meantime, Matthew has applied for The Artists’ Benevolent Fund run by the Wolverhampton School of Art to further aid in developing a career in photography.

My Experience:

What was hugely thrilling about studying at the University of Wolverhampton was having the opportunity to converse with tutors and peers. The experience of engaging with the subject on a deeper level that brings out creativity and appreciation furthering development alongside the availability of the continually improving facilities such as the studio, social spaces and darkrooms in the George Wallis (MK) building.