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John Renhard

 John Renhard, 2020 BA (Hons) Fine Art graduate, Wolverhampton School of Art, University of Wolverhampton

Title of Piece: Untitled


My work revolves around the theft and destruction of other peoples work, not in a “bad” way but in a creative, artistic, “nice” kinda way. I take pre-existing images, videos, items, objects, ideas, whatever takes my fancy, I take them apart to find out what they are made of, to find what new objects are hidden away inside these newly broken things, to find materials I can use something new, something they were never intended to be. 

My final piece was going to be an installation of plug sockets and modified extension leads (see included photograph), this was inspired by some of my previous work that was confiscated by health and safety for “looking too dangerous”, this work was just one or two modified extension leads, so naturally I replied with a whole wall of dangerous modified leads connecting a load of equally frowned upon plug sockets. Unfortunately, health and safety won in the end, they shut the whole world down for reasons I am sure you are aware of and in turn put a stop to my final project…

I hope to find a way to keep working on my art in the future, it would be nice to be able to do this full time. I might carry on with my studies and do an MA at some point in the near future, but for now I think I need a break from the academic side of things in order to focus on art.

My Experience:

While day trips and exhibition visits are nice, My favourite experience on the course was having the opportunity to work on my art full time, this was something I could not do before and might not be able to again.