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John Phillips

 John Phillips, 2020 BA (Hons) Product Design graduate, Wolverhampton School of Art, University of Wolverhampton

Title of Piece: Mix Collective Furniture Brand


I created the MIX Collective Furniture brand which I developed an outdoor garden table after researching into the new and popular trend of outdoor living. The MIX garden living table allows friends and family to come together, no longer are you away from the table preparing food which traditionally you would have had to purchase separate cooking equipment, but now you can stay involved with friends and family and furthermore serve food straight to the table.

Also incorporated is a planter pot within the middle of the table to allow friends and family to pick out herbs that they could use to cook and eat, which in turn encourages and educates living a greener and healthier lifestyle.

My Experience:

Since corona struck, I have been unsure on my future. During this time, I’ve been able to reflect on what I want to do with my life and I’m still unsure as there are many different avenues that I would like to explore.

After the seeming short but long three years studying Product Design at my hometown Wolverhampton, I am now fully pursuing my dream career of working within education as a teacher of Design & Technology. I have fully confirmed both a course and living accommodation at Chester University where I will apply all the knowledge, I have gained from WLV University course and staff which I am extremely thankful for.

The two trips I loved have got to be both the Milan and Eindhoven trip. Within Milan I learnt about so many different and interesting companies from different parts of the world which in turn helped shape my final major project, we also got time to explore and enjoy Venice, Milan and the various stops within Switzerland, Germany and France on the way back to the UK.

Eindhoven was equally as great with staying in the same place for a week but exploring the town during design week. Talking to equally as interested and interesting designers within a range of backgrounds offering their work and knowledge. This week was extremely valuable to further develop as a level 6 and furthermore equally as valuable as a level 5 product or interior design student. One of the highlights was visiting the De Stijl house which Rietveld Schroder had built within 1924 and to this day after walking around the house, looked and functioned to our present day modern standards with removeable walls and one of the first hot water heating systems via a solid fuel fire.

Throughout the lockdown I have worked none-stop on both my University work and within a school. Waking up having to drive to work on empty roads was extremely weird but also having all the free time to work on my project work was awesome to have and I’m extremely thankful for having the time regardless of what problems I had that may have come with it.