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Charlotte Watkins

 Charlotte Watkins, 2020 BA (Hons) Photography graduate, Wolverhampton School of Art, University of Wolverhampton

Title of Piece: Why the Sun and the Moon live in the sky.


The aim of my final project was to create a visually exciting contemporary comic for children. The narrative was based of a traditional Nigerian folk tale that had very little existing imagery. I wanted to be experimental in the comic’s layout so that the piece would not just tell a story but be an interactive decoration for children's rooms/nurseries.

The comic is in the format of one large image, containing smaller illustrations. I explored using a limited colour palette and simple line work. The focal characters are the sun, moon and water. The Sun and Moon characters are personified into humans, while the water is personified using only an expression, maintaining a fluid body form.

I wish to work within children’s publishing or as part of a reputable brands design team.