Liu Zhouyuan

Wolverhampton School of Art / Student Case Studies / Liu Zhouyuan 

My name is Liu Zhouyuan, and my English name is Caesar. Liu. I am an international student from China. In October 2019 I finish my British life and complete my course in MA Master of Arts in Contemporary Media. Thank you very much to all of my tutors, who have helped me throughout my studies. Especially Maria Urbina, Radziwinowiczówna Agnieszka, William Pawlett, Zoe Chabelin and Aleksandra Galasinska. 

Liu Zhouyuan MA Contemporary Media graduate, Wolverhampton School of Art, University of Wolverhampton

It has been a challenge for me to study abroad. Firstly, I have had to adapt to life in another country where everything, including British food, is very different to what I am familiar with. Secondly, I have learnt to manage my time, as I have found academic writing particularly challenging.

Now, I am comfortable and have adapted to life here in the UK. I have even fitted into the slow-paced British lifestyle, such as waiting for a long-term booking and waiting in a long queue to buy a cup of coffee. I promise you will become patient, warm-hearted, and clever after experiencing British life.