Creating Sustainable Innovation through Design for Behaviour Change

New and Events

The project included several participatory events, about which you can read below:

  • an online survey from May 2014 to elicit understandings, use and impact of design for behaviour change by SMEs.
  • two focus groups in July 2014 for SMEs and other non-academic stakeholders to elicit understandings, challenges and opportunities of adopting and implementing design for behaviour change strategies.
  • a results workshop in September 2014.

Project Reports

You can now download the summary report, which was launched at the resultsworkshop. The full project report is also now available. Further project results are available from the resources pages.

The Results Workshop

The results workshop was held on Thursday 18 September 2014 at the University of Wolverhampton, and attended by survey participants as well as other interested stakeholders from business, government and academia.

Design for Behaviour Change Special Interest Group

If you would like to participate in the discussions on design for behavior change beyond the project, we have set up a Special Interest Group on Design for Behaviour Change on Linked-in, which you can join here

The Online Survey

The online survey 'Creating Sustainable Innovation' is still live:  Please follow this link to take the survey.

The survey invites SMEs and other stakeholders interested in design for behaviour change to tell about their attitudes towards sustainable innovation through design for behaviour change as well as related obstacles, challenges and opportunities of accessing and implementing design for behaviour change policies and practice.

You can find further details about the survey on the Design Council's website.

The Focus Groups

The focus groups have now been completed, and we will present the findings at the results workshop on 18 September.