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Partnering with CAEL

Whether you are an individual, group or an institution based in Africa, you can partner with CAEL in a number of ways including, through donation/sponsorship, academic partnership and through our executive programme and capacity building.

Our capacity building and executive training programmes are bespoke and designed around your specific needs as a partner.

Our academic partnerships are administered through curriculum development, academic exchange and staff visits. We deliver our programmes both within our UK centres and in Africa.

Our capacity building and executive training programmes are designed for senior administrators and leaders keen to reorient their ability to harness opportunities in Africa for personal growth and for community benefit.

Our award winning programmes in entrepreneurship, leadership, human resource management, corporate social responsibility and governance offer Institutions, groups and individuals a menu of options.

Our research partnership is administered through contract research projects, impact study and evaluation, research collaboration, PhD level research, and academic memberships in form of research active staff visits to the Centre and joint PhD supervisions.

Our research activity embraces two components:

  • Academic Research
  • Contract Research

Our core aim under research partnership is to work together with academic scholars, businesses and governments to develop a programme of research and investigation aimed at transforming communities in Africa through up-skilling the individual and policy development.

We welcome donations and sponsorships from individuals, groups and organisations wishing to support the work our work in Africa.

If you would like to sponsor for Post-graduate and PhD studentships, or workshops or conferences hosted by the Centre, please contact the Director of CAEL to discuss your interest and the possibilities. Donation or sponsorship proposals for PhD studentships can only be made to benefit individuals of African descent and who have their permanent residence and place of work in an African country.

All CAEL’s activities funded through donations and sponsorships contribute to the transformation of communities in Africa through research and capacity building for the development of the next generation of African entrepreneurs and leaders.

To make a donation or award a sponsorship please contact use using


Testimonials from partners and beneficiaries of CAEL's projects and interventions.

Read a testimonial from Christiana Wakawa, explaining how accessing training organised by Wolverhampton University at the University of Maiduguri made a huge difference to her life.