You can choose to study Sociology as a single subject degree, or in combination with another subject as a joint honours award. 

Follow the links below for a brief summary of each Sociology award, including information on the aims of various courses and their entry requirements. The School of Social, Historical and Political Studies offers:

The Institute of Community and Society offers a joint course BA (Hons) Social Care and Sociology.

Why study sociology at Wolverhampton?

Our team of experienced lecturers and researchers are eager to help you develop your sociological imagination. Our course is designed to explore the key theoretical and methodological tools of social science, and enable you to apply those tools to a range of contemporary social conditions, contexts and relations.

Sociology offers you the chance to analyse and understand the complexities of the social world in which we live and put your knowledge into action through community and work-related learning. In your final year you will also have the opportunity to carry out an in-depth research study on a topic of your choice.

Over the course of your studies, you will develop an understanding of a range of institutional conditions, cultural processes and social relations, within and across societies.  In the course of learning selected ‘social facts’ of society, you will be able to apply those concepts, theories and methods that are unique to Sociology.

At each level of study you are given the opportunity to undertake accredited volunteering in the local community – an experience that broadens your sociological knowledge, deepens your appreciation of civic responsibility and enhances your opportunities for graduate employment. 

What will I study?

Level 4 introduces you to the study and practice of Sociology, with particular emphasis on key concepts and methods used in sociological analysis. You will explore the basic principles of Sociology in relation to social institutions, such as education, work, leisure and social processes such as crime. As part of your programme, you will have the opportunity to choose an interdisciplinary module (for example, in popular culture or women’s political campaigning) and will have the opportunity to engage in community-based learning by placement in a voluntary agency.

Level 5 builds upon your experiences by exploring key debates in social theory and sociological research methods. You will have the opportunity to apply your sociological imagination to the process of ‘Making Gender’, the character of ‘Contemporary Families’, and the nature of ‘Race and Racism in Contemporary Britain’. You will also choose an interdisciplinary module (for example, in Human Security , or Body, Sexuality and Identity, or Contemporary Britain). You can also continue your community-based learning and further develop your employability skills.

Level 6 allows you to fashion your studies around specific topics such as ‘Gender and Development in Non-Western Societies’, ‘Global Educational Issues; ‘Globalisation: Struggles and Resistance’ and the Sociology of Migration. You will continue your study of Sociological Theory at this advanced level, and have the opportunity to apply your knowledge to a topic that interests you, in either a self-designed research project or a community-based research placement.