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Useful links

Useful links to web sites for Deaf Studies and Interpreting.

Association of Sign Language Interpreters (ASLI)
ASLI is a professional association and support network for Sign Language interpreters in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

BID Services
BID is a registered charity that works with profoundly Deaf, deafened and hard of hearing people providing a range of services.

Represents the interests of teachers of deaf children in the United Kingdom.

British Deaf History Society
Aims to encourage the study of Deaf History, the preservation of records and material related to the Deaf and of historical value and to produce publications in connection with Deaf History.

Aims to advance communication between Deaf and Hearing People.

Founded in 1984 by a group of deafened people who felt that existing organisations only partly catered for their needs.

Royal Association for Deaf People (RAD)
Founded in 1841 RAD strives to meet the individual needs of Deaf children and adults and deafblind people through the provision of services and the use of RAD Centres for Deaf People.

Action on hearing loss
Aims to change the attitudes and behaviour of individuals towards deaf and hard of hearing people.

Scottish Council on Deafness
National co-ordinating body for voluntary and statutory organisations.

The UK's largest organisation for deafblind people.

Sign Language Linguistics Society
Web page offers useful links including Resources section.