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Career Essentials for Deaf Studies and Sign Language Interpreting Students

Graduates in these subjects are usually keen to work with the deaf community in some role and are often successful in doing so. For all roles, relevant experience of working with the deaf community is required and sometimes further professional qualifications are needed.

Deaf Studies degree combined with another subject

Occupations where these degrees are useful:

  • Disability Policy Planner/Writer
  • Access Officer in Arts
  • Services Provision Planner for Deafblind People
  • Community Advocacy Officer
  • Primary/Secondary School Teacher*
  • Social Worker*

*Occupational Profile available on Prospects; these professions require further training and qualifications.

Sign Language Interpreting

Occupations where these degrees are useful:

  • Sign Language Interpreter in a wide range of settings **
  • Communication Services Unit Manager
  • Communications Support Worker
  • Access-to-Work support

** If you wish to work as a sign language interpreter after graduation, you will be required to register with the professional body the NRCPD –The National Register of Communication Professionals working with Deaf and Deafblind people has requirements for registration. These are on the NRCPD's website and include a 'Fit and Proper Person's Declaration'. There's more about this in the Interpreting FAQs section