Why study Philosophy at Wolverhampton?

Developing critical and independent thinking as well as sensitivity to others are the ultimate aims of the course. So, if you have a mind of your own, want to engage effectively with others, aspire to be seductively convincing and hope to become a reliable problem-solver, philosophy is the programme for you! With these skills and capabilities you will be highly employable in a variety of domains.

Please note Philosophy now exsists as part of the Philosophy Religion and Ethics award as of Sept 2021 


Your Philosophy degree makes you highly employable, as it develops many skills that are essential in the workplace, critical and independent thinking being only two of them.

You have the opportunity to take some volunteering modules and join our employability award programme whilst completing your degree in our school. These will prepare you very directly for the world of work.

Meet the Team 

The team is dedicated to the welfare and success of philosophy students, as well as the development of the field through research, conferences and publishing activities. Our team regularly organises University-wide events to promote philosophy to the general public. Please check our Royal Institute of Philosophy pages for more detail.

To learn about the research undertaken by the staff, please follow the links below.

NamePositionContact Details
Dr Alan Bailey Senior Lecturer in Philosophy and Joint Course Leader Alan.Bailey2@wlv.ac.uk 
Dr Paula Satne Senior Lecturer in Philosophy and Joint Course Leader P.Satne@wlv.ac.uk 
Professor Meena Dhanda Professor of Philosophy and Cultural Politics m.dhanda@wlv.ac.uk

Royal Institute of Philosophy (RIP) Lectures 

We have been proud to host many RIP lectures over the years. 

Find out more about the lectures.

Watch videos from past events.