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Projects in Delivery

The Project Management and Governance team provide a wide scope of project support services to a variety of complex national and international funded projects across the University, ensuring they are successfully delivered whilst satisfying programme regulations and requirements.

We do this by

  • Advising, encouraging and guiding Project Managers / Principal Investigators through projects to ensure successful completion of contract
  • Offering strategic support, technical expertise and skills development to project teams
  • Conducting independent assurance monitoring and compliance support
  • Providing governance support through efficient and established organisational systems and processes
  • Risk management and mitigation to ensure the maximum grant is received.

 Here is a summary of live projects that we are currently monitoring to ensure contract compliance. They are listed below in order of Faculty and Department.

Faculty of Social Sciences

  • Assessment and Enhancement of Vocational Language Skills in the Wellness Sector (Assess Well) - (Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnerships) aims to develop, implement and test for the first time curriculum media based language resources for the tourism sector, specifically in wellness for the specific target group of people working in the wellness sector, those who want to work in the wellness sector or upgrade own competencies.  PSO Contact -  
  • Citizen Voices for Change: Congo Basin Forest Monitoring Project.  This four year project aims to strengthen the contribution of non-state actors (NSA), such as civil society (CS), Indigenous People (IP) and community organisations, to improving forest governance, sustainable forest management and the contribution of forests to development in five Congo Basin countries.  PSO Contact –
  • e-OSS4Newcomers (Electronic One-Stop-Shop for Newcomers) (e-OSS4Newcomers).  Understand EU newcomers’ needs related to the information services that support their settlement and civic and political integration in the host country.  PSO Contact -  







Faculty of Science and Engineering

  • Built Environmental Climate Change Innovation (BECCI 2)  reduces carbon emissions from residential and commercial buildings by supporting the implementation of low carbon innovations developed by local SME’s; offering R&D facilities to support product development; supply chain development; and assessment of CO2 reductions.  PSO Contact –
  • EnTRESS - The project will support the ambition of the Black Country LEP for the region to become a low carbon economy. It will do this by offering local SME’s one to one advice on resource efficiency, and by optimising the presentation and adoption of Black Country environmental technologies innovations and supporting the development of local supply chains necessary for successful adoption.  PSO Contact –
  • INSTINCT - Inhibiting Stress in the Construction Industry - The project will use coping behaviours to develop Streblo which will focus on the avoidance, early detection and management of stress-related events. Streblo will be a cloud-based IT application (app) designed to operate on computers, mobile phones, tablets and hand-held devices. This project will provide for the first time an effective instrument for the prevention of stress in different construction job profiles and by means of advanced technologies. It will be the first worldwide integrated system to profile both psychological personality and coping skills for managing work-related stress.  PSO Contact –
  • Innovative Product Support Services (IPSS 2) programme supports businesses through the early stages of innovation – the transition from concept or opportunity into a product development programme.  It provides access to the specialist resources and capabilities available in the partner Universities in the region to overcome technical and development barriers.  PSO Contact – 
  • MaaS4EU. With the projected growth in transport demand, the current modus operandi in transport supply is deemed unsustainable and generates the need for innovative services that could support seamless mobility and a shift from car-ownership to usership. PSO Contact – 
  • Multi-source Big Data Fusion Driven Proactivity for Intelligent Mobility (OPTIMUM) - (Horizon 2020).  This Project aims to provide necessary data infrastructure in order to handle huge amounts of ITS related data characterised by frequent update rates.  The data infrastructure will contain adapters which will be developed for all necessary data sources such as open data sources including, traffic data and points of interests, real time transportation information, alternative mobility options such as city bikes and car sharing, and weather and air quality information.  PSO Contact -
  • PCUK - Nano-Disulfiram - Translation of Disulfiram (DS), an FDA approved antialcoholism drug, into pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) treatment. The repurposing of clinically available drugs into new treatment areas allows for the clinical development of safe drugs for new indications at much reduced time, risk and cost.  PSO Contact –
  • Risk Management Software Systems for SME's in the Construction Industry (RiMaCon) - (FP7 IAPPS)  Risk Management Software System for SMEs in the Construction Industry. PSO Contact -
  • Smart Concept Fund (SCF).  The Smart Concept Fund is an Innovation Proof of Concept Fund to support the commercialisation of new technologies developed by businesses and Universities. The Smart Concept Fund will specifically target technologies that are consistent with SMART Specialisations and local priorities in the Black Country, Stoke/Staffs and the Marches (BCSM) LEP areas, and will award selected SME applicants revenue-based grants of up to £25k against an approved programme of work.  PSO Contact -
  • School of Architecture and Built Environment - Springfield relocation (SOABE).  University of Wolverhampton are proposing to renovate currently dilapidated Grade II listed buildings linked to proposed new build accommodation located within the Springfield Campus.  The scheme is proposed to provide expanded relocation space for the School of Architecture and Built Environment.  PSO Contact -
  • Trans-Regional Environmental Awareness for Sustainable Use of Water Resources (TREASURE WATER) - (Erasmus+ KA2 Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices).  The Project aims at strengthening cooperation between Russia and Kazakhstan by addressing one of their common regional priorities - 'Development of Partnerships with Enterprises', which is on the lists of national priorities for both countries. The wider objective is to contribute to empower universities in Russia and Kazakhstan by enhancing synergy between higher education and enterprises in the field of Trans-Boundary Water Resources Management (TWRM). PSO Contact -



Faculty of Arts

  • Aerospace Engineering Resources Online (AEERO) Aerospace is a vital sector across the EU. Recognising and addressing skills gaps and enabling the personal development of well-trained and skilled employees to support growth will make a significant contribution to the advancement of the key Europe 2020 aims of smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. In particular, AEERO will contribute towards the objectives of the 'Agenda for New Skills and Jobs' by equipping people with the right skills needed for jobs in aerospace; a sector with enormous potential and need for growth in the face of non-EU competition.  PSO Contact -
  • APP.T (Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnerships) aims to create an app to support target groups who are likely to be less attractive to employers in the current EU economy and therefore be unemployed, along with their trainers.  It will contain interactive training content which focuses on developing business start-up skills based on the principles of social enterprise.  PSO Contact -
  • Express & Star Photographic Collection: A History of The Black Country and South Staffordshire - (Heritage Lottery Fund) The Express & Star newspaper has a private photographic collection estimated at c.1 million images.  As a daily record of life over 100 years, the collection has significant historical and social relevance for the West Midlands and the nation.  The Express & Star, Wolverhampton City Archives and the University of Wolverhampton have come together in a partnership with volunteers and community groups to preserve this collection and make it freely accessible to the public.  PSO Contact -
  • Maker-Centric: building place-based, co-making communities.   Creative making within community groups using the concepts of 'Living Heritage' and 'Place making' which draws on the historical, geographical, cultural, political and economic influences which the local surroundings can bring. The project will work with minority groups.  PSO Contact -
  • Designing for People with Dementia: designing for mindful self-empowerment and social engagement (MinD).  This project aims to help people with dementia engage in social contexts to improve psychosocial wellbeing.  Utilising the concept of mindful design, it will investigate innovative design solutions to enable self empowerment and confidence building of people living with dementia.  PSO Contact -





Faculty of Education, Health and Wellbeing

  • Creative Practice As Mutual Recovery: Connecting Communities For Mental Health And Wellbeing (Connecting Communities) - (Arts and Humanities Research Council).  Exploring ways in which creative practice in the arts and humanities can promote mutual recovery for mental health and well-being through enhancing the connections and social resources of those with mental health needs and the connections within and between communities of practice in the mental health field.  PSO Contact -
  • Global Network of Excellence for Research on Adipose Tissue Plasticity and Human Thermogenesis (FUEGO) - (FP7 Marie Curie IRSES (International research Staff Exchange Scheme) The project aims to create a multiannual joint programme dedicated to exchanges of research staff between European (Sweden, Greece, UK) research entities and other third countries (Brazil, Belarus, and India) to increase knowledge on adipose tissue plasticity and human thermogenesis.  PSO Contact -
  • Developing whole-school Gender Equality Charter Marks in order to overcome gender stereotyping in education across Europe (GECM).  Developing whole-school Gender Equality Charter Marks in order to overcome gender stereotyping in education across Europe. PSO Contact -
  • Integrated inter-sector framework to increase the thermal resilience of European workers in the context of global warming (HEAT-SHIELD).  The HEAT-SHIELD project will create a sustainable intersector framework that will promote health as well as productivity for European citizens in the context of global warming.  PSO Contact -
  • Modernization of Teaching Methodologies in higher education: EU experience for Jordan and Palestine Territory (METHODS).  The project [METHODS] aims to create modern teacher training centres in Jordanian Universities that will combine ICT with best teaching practices and processes in Higher Education.  PSO Contact -
  • Mobile learning impact on the prevention and managing of complications caused by arbovirus (Zika, Dengue, Chikungunya).  This project aims to develop a mobile applications and a mobile web platform to promote the training of professionals, as well informing and mobilizing of parents, students and other health organisations on the Zika Virus.  PSO Contact -
  • Multi-national network of excellence for research on genetic predisposition to cardio metabolic disease (CMD) among various populations found in the EU, Associated Countries and Eastern European & Central Asian countries (U-GENE) - (FP7 Marie Curie IRSES (International research Staff Exchange Scheme) project investigates to what extent the uncoupling of protein UCP1 affects predisposition to cardio metabolic disease (CMD) among various populations found in the EU, Associated Countries and Eastern European & Central Asian countries.  PSO Contact -



Business Solutions Department

  • AIM for the Black Country will support SME growth through expert strategies, a pool of expert staff and interventions focusing on 1-2-1 individual business Advice; Inward Investment propositions and developing access to new Markets, delivered through the Growth Hub model. This will increase growth for local SME's by supporting their plans for development.  PSO Contact
  • Digital Passport (DigiPass).  The project will deliver a new Digital Passport programme supporting Black Country SMEs to become more digitalised thus increasing take-up of superfast broadband by assisting SMES, running awareness workshops, running a voucher scheme.  PSO Contact - 
  • Elite Centre Manufacturing Services (ECMS).  Employer led manufacturing training centre to promote growth in the Black Country.  PSO Contact -
  • Green Shoots Plus - (Regional Growth Fund). A programme of grant funding targeted at small to medium enterprises (SMEs) in the region.  The fund will help to mitigate further anticipated job losses and address the long standing problem of SME access to funds by creating and safeguarding 224 jobs through investments in 90 companies and promote growth in the region.  PSO Contact -
  • Knowledge Exchange & Enterprise Network (KEEN 2).  The KEEN project is a business growth programme designed to help SMEs increase profitability and growth through innovation.  The programme entails a company employing a graduate, known as an Affiliate, who with an academic mentor, transfers knowledge from the knowledge base to the company.  PSO Contact
  • Innovation Vouchers.  The project will deliver small grant to businesses, an innovation voucher, to a value of £2, 500. The project will also deliver innovation support and assistance to beneficiaries to ensure they maximise the value of the voucher they received. The Voucher will be targeted to SMART specialisation sectors.  PSO Contact -





Offices of the Vice-Chancellor

  • Science, Technology and Prototyping Centre (STPC).  To build a new Science, Technology and Prototyping Centre in the Black Country.  To provide a facility that is currently not available in the region.  PSO Contact



Office of the Dean of Students

  • Enterprise Action - Enterprise Action will create a substantial number of knowledge-led businesses locally leading to new high growth starts thus supporting LEP economic plans.  It will deliver enterprise support to local nascent entrepreneurs and innovators, inward investors looking to locate in the LEP area, students, graduates and University associates.  PSO contact
  • Family Matters (BCT BBO) - An innovative educational re-engagement programme for adults through their child's education. The project will work with 3 of UoW's Multi Academy Trust (ECMAT) 'family' schools. Through engagement, eligible adults will be offered a range of activities to move them towards education and/or employment. PSO Contacts – &
  • Black Country Growth Hub - (Regional Growth Fund)  The Growth Hub provides a single point of contact for businesses in the Black Country to easily access a wide range of support and expertise. It will co-ordinate and monitor the quality of all generic business support.  PSO Contact -
  • Employer-Led Vocational Educational and Training in Europe (ELVETE) - (Lifelong Learning Programme - Leonardo da Vinci) to create a network to focus on providing systematic frameworks for employer engagement within post-14 vocational education and training.  PSO Contact -
  • Exploiting Emperical Approaches to Translation (EXPERT) - (FP7 Marie Curie ITN) Project to train young researchers to promote the research, development and use of hybrid language translation technologies. PSO Contact -
  • Circulating of European Playwriting through People's Choice (POPDram) - (Creative Europe Culture).  The project aims at supporting the circulation of European dramaturgy by selecting 4 playwriting that will be toured as staged readings in 4 Countries and 8 playwriting that will be circulated in English.  Calls for playwriting at national level will select the drama to be translated in other partners’ languages and then circulated among European theatres.  In order to guarantee a good quality level of the selected playwrights, a panel of experts will be committed for each Country.  PSO Contact -
  • Theatres for All (T4ALL) - (Creative Europe Culture).  The main objective of the project is to increase the accessibility of theatres to blind and partially sighted people in 4 involved territories (Forli-Cesena, Extremadura, Wolverhampton and Paris).  The objectives are to improve professional competences of audio-describers and audio translators, support exchange of best practices and improve management skills of private and cultural sector to facilitate the audio-description services and to enhance transnational cooperation in order to create new business models for audio-description services.  PSO Contact -