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By creating a presence at the home of the European Union, the University is at the heart of the political decision-making process. We are able to forge a network of contacts throughout the EU. The University of Wolverhampton in Brussels is located at Rue du Luxembourg, 3 Luxemburgstraat, 1000 Brussels and is a base for Tatiana Panteli, European Business and Research Development Manager. Tatiana works with the Project Support Office to facilitate University staff in networking with colleagues from other European Universities, Research Institutions, Industry European and International Organisations.

Proposal development

Preparing a grant application can be time and resource intensive and in addition to developing the scientific and scholarly concept of your research proposal there are other areas to take into account when writing and applying for research grants. The practical steps outlined below will signpost you to how to approach different aspects of the application process. This includes the full range of tasks from identifying suitable funding options, to structuring your grant application, costing the resources you will need to carry out the research, to thinking about reaching pathways of impact outside of the academic community and the strategic fit of your research to the University’s mission and vision for research and innovation and advancing our mission as the University of Opportunity.


In order to brief staff about bidding processes and specific funding systems and schemes, the Project Support Office offer workshops and briefings within the University. We also signpost colleagues to external events that we feel may be beneficial. If you would like to join our contacts list to receive email updates of training and events that may be of interest to you, please contact us at psoevents@wlv.ac.uk. To view notes from previous training sessions we have held for staff at the University, please visit our 'Resources' page.


We help you to disseminate your project results in Brussels. New project applicants can send their project research idea and we help them to plan and budget a project dissemination strategy.

We offer different dissemination strategies which can be tailored according to your needs and content of the project. Therefore the proposals are only indicative and may differ from project to project; depending on the adjustments in the standard funding opportunity you are interested in.

For a more tailored offer, do not hesitate to contact the European Business and Research Development Manager and Euraxess Local Contact Point Tatiana Panteli: T.Panteli@wlv.ac.uk   

If you like to meet your partners or host an event in Brussels, we can help you, we have meeting rooms and flexible space. Please click here for more information.

Support to your dissemination events

Our Brussels office is located strategically in the European Quarter of Brussels, not only close to the EU institutions, but also very near to regional offices, academic and business organisations which are working at the European level.

Organising meetings

  • EU Commission
  • EU Parliament
  • Stakeholders in Brussels

Meeting rooms and meeting spaces

The Brussels office has 2 meeting rooms that you can book for project meetings or to meet with potential project partners. To book rooms in the Brussels office please contact Tatiana Panteli via T.Panteli@wlv.ac.uk. We have also flexible meeting spaces if you require them.


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