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Project Bidding Development

What we do to help

The Project Bidding Development team provide advice and guidance for your commercial and research projects:

  • We work with you to develop your applications by providing advice and guidance
  • Support you through the submission process of both the University and the funder
  • Our specialities are based around the funding streams; we will partner you with the most suitable bid developer depending on the funding stream you are applying to and the type of bid you are intending to submit
  • We are a central hub of expertise for bidding and grant applications

'our knowledge and understanding of income opportunities and future developments will strengthen your chance of success'


Did you know...

  • We work collaboratively with all Faculties and Departments to facilitate bidding and grant applications to over 120 different funding streams
  • In our bidding work we engage with over 180 University academic and research staff on an annual basis
  • The projects we support have wide-reaching impacts in improving the social and economic welfare of communities of 5 continents
  • We work with over 100 different partner organisations