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WCRI Research Areas and Themes

The Wolverhampton Cyber Research Institute (WCRI) brings most of the research in the School of Mathematics and Computer Science of the Faculty of Science and Engineering under a single umbrella institute. WCRI currently consists of 24 academic staff members carrying out research within the three main research pillars of Cyber Security, Data Science & Mathematical Modelling and Cyber-Physical Systems.


WCRI Pillars Updated


Figure 1: WCRI Research Pillars

WCRI Cyber Focus

Based on the experience and expertise within the group, the overarching focus for the cyber security research pillar has been set us:

“Security for Critical National Infrastructure”

Within this remit research is carried out for the following application areas:

  • Secure Healthcare
  • Secure Transport (Vehicular communication, aeronautical communications, secure satellite communications)
  • Secure infrastructure (smart power grids, water networks, nuclear industry, smart cities, etc.)

Within the above mentioned application areas, the research group will work on various security aspects like: Cryptographic solutions; security protocols; attack patterns and prediction; Risk assessment and quantification, Threat modelling; secure software engineering/software testing; secure electronics/embedded systems; and real time security analytics.