Staff at RGCL

Professor Ruslan Mitkov 

Head of the Research Group

Professor in Computational Linguistics  
Interests: Anaphora resolution, automatic summarisation, centering, machine translation
Room: MC138

Professor Gloria Corpas Pastor

Professor (Visiting Professor)
Corpus-based translation studies, translation technologies, translator training, phraseology, lexicography, terminology, e-resources and virtual learning environments (VLE)
Room: MC139

Professor Patrick Hanks

Professor in Lexicography (Part Time)
Interests: Lexicography and lexicology, corpus-driven lexical analysis, mapping meaning onto word use, textual entailment, distributional semantics, creative and innovative use of language, similes, metaphors, metonymy, and all kinds of figurative language, also personal names: origin and history of family names
Room: MC133

Dr Michael Oakes

Reader in Computational Linguistics
Interests: Statistics for corpus linguistics, information retrieval, authorship attribution
Room: MC137

Dr Burcu Can

Reader in Computational Linguistics 
Interests: Computational linguistics (morphology, syntax, semantics), machine learning models for natural language processing (unsupervised learning, Bayesian models, neural networks, joint learning), representation learning, natural language processing for resource-scarce and agglutinative languages (e.g. Turkish)
Room: MC139

Dr Le An Ha

Senior Lecturer
Interests: Automatic terminology processing, word segmentation
Room: MC134

Dr Emad Mohamed

Senior Lecturer of Computational Linguistics
Computational Linguistics, Machine Translation, Translation Technology, Corpus Linguistics, Arabic (Computational & Corpus) Linguistics, Digital Humanities, Cultural Analytics
Room: MC137

Dr Frédéric Blain

Lecturer of Translation Technology
Quality Estimation and Evaluation, Translation Technology (especially Machine Translation and Computer Aided Translation), Natural Language Processing, Lifelong Learning and Deep Learning.
Room: MC133

Dr Sara Moze

Lecturer in Computational Lexicology
Interests: Corpus linguistics, mono- and bilingual lexicology and lexicography, contrastive grammar, cognitive linguistics, Frame Semantics, morphosyntactic and syntactic annotation, semantic role labeling
Room: MC133

Dr Tharindu Ranasinghe

RIGHT Lecturer in Natural Language Processing and Deep Learning for Digital Humanities
Interests: Machine Translation, Offensive Language Identification, Information Extraction, Low-resource Languages, Translation Memories
Room: MC133

Dr Raheem Sarwar

Lecturer in NLP
Interests: Information Retrieval, Text Mining, Authorship Attribution, Author Profiling, Scientometrics, and Altmetrics.
Room: MC134

Dr Richard Evans

Interests: Syntactic simplification, information extraction and named entity recognition
Room: MC134

Dr Emma Franklin

RIGHT Lecturer in Corpus-based Digital Humanities
Interests: Corpus linguistics, corpus lexicography, digital humanities, data-driven narrative strategy
Room: MC133

Dr Victoria Yaneva

Lecturer - Part Time
Interests: Language disorders, psycholinguistics, readability assessment
Room: MC132



Suman Hira

PA to Professor Mitkov 
Responsible for: PA to Professor Mitkov
Room: MC135

Dr Amanda Bloore

Operations Manager
Responsible for: Generating new funding opportunities, assisting with the project management of existing projects, support PA to Prof Mitkov
Room: MC135

Kate Wilson

Project Officer
Responsible for: Generating new funding opportunities, assisting with the project management of existing projects, support PA to Prof Mitkov
Room: MC135